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Laser Show Company

 What is your electrical Requirements?
1 amp to 3 amps  110 volt electricity.
All of our products carry the Seal and Markings of International Electronic Standards such as UL, CE, & ROHS.

Can Anybody Can Use It?

No, you must be licensed by the FDA & FAA and have safety training & testing.

What is the price to Purchase / Own ?
We do not sell.

99.99% of Ebay laser projectors are illegal in the United States and other Countries, and even Amazon.com bans the sale of any laser projector.  The US Customs is supposed to stop these laser projectors from entering the USA, but some systems still enter labeled as lighting equipment.   Those projectors are rejected because they are missing critical safety features that are required in the USA and other Countries...  such as emitting IR infar-red invisible laser radiation from reflection onto or into the eyes or skin of people, missing internal beam shutters, missing external remote safety buttons, missing key switches, missing external laser emission indicators, and many more missing components.   All of our Laser systems meet and exceed USA and International laser safety standards and regulations.   In the USA, the laser law is to operate one of our laser systems you need to have a Laser Safety Officer at each location to watch and observe the projections.  

We want to install a Laser Billboard outside at our location, for outdoor advertising, Can you see it in the day?
60 watts is currently our brightest RGB which is visible.   You can operate more than one at a time to double the power again 220 watts or 440 watts.  We also have less expensive systems, that you can see in the day time fairly well with about if: 1.) The surface wall is white, and 2.) It is not in direct sunlight.

We want to install a Laser Billboard outside at our location, for outdoor advertising...  How big is the image?
We have inexpensive systems that can project an image several Hundred Feet W & H and very far away, such as 1250 feet.

Can you recommend outdoor advertising - traditional Billboard Companies, Out of home Advertising, Digital Billboards?

...Mention Mat Falcon for a Discounted Price:

Brennan Kuball
Office: 610-779-9421 x231
Cell: 215-605-1721
Fax: 610-779-7930


Our high power Laser Projectors can project an image several Miles Away! 
Our laser systems scan at best near 15-20 degrees (lowest stress), though can run consistently at near 30 degrees for years, and can be adjusted to a maximum near 60 degrees.  Operating at 60 degrees or more, even possible 90 degrees causes much more stress for the internal components, and reduces the life of the system.  Our average image size is much better than any video projector with a throw near 1x1, meaning that keeping the projector at 1 meter away from the projection surface, the image will be 1 meter (H) by 1 meter (W).   5 watts at 0.5 milliradians and better can project great onto very big walls at night in the dark such as filing the outside surface of tall skyscraper, projecting onto Mountainsides, and even projecting onto the surface of the clouds... if the clouds are low laying  at about a 1,000 feet low ceiling height in the sky.

How far away can I keep the Laser Projector - How far can the laser beam go ?
Our smallest Laser projector, a 1 watt Laser will travel visible to the human eye for miles depending on weather conditions and lighting. 

What kind of software do you use?

We use the most advanced multimedia software in the world for several decades now.  It has many features including animation, audio, photo, video, DMX, wireless, Cat5, iphone / Android App control, and cellular text messaging control.  Wire-Less controll inside the USA is illegal.  The software is so advanced, created in the mid 80's on Amiga Computers, it was used in submarines in 1999 to project 3D volumetric displays of Ocean Floor Surfaces, Depths, and Fish... and Today we use it to project Motion Picture Cinema Video with Lasers.

ASCAP - Louis Capet XXVI Publishing

FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

Louis Capet XXVI Music Publishing - www.LaserLightShow.ORG
Louis Capet XXVI Music Publishing - www.LaserLightShow.ORG

Do you perform Laser Light Shows similar to Firework Displays?

Yes, performing Laser Light shows is our specialty.

Who is your music licensed by?

ASCAP  #:     847736790

Publisher:    Louis Capet XXVI

Contact:       MF@LaserLightShow.ORG    (215) 888-8080


We also offer in-house & out of house Mechanical Licenses, Synchronization Licenses, Import Licenses, & Master Use Rights Licenses for our Music for TV Song Licensing, Film Song Licensing, Video Game Song Licensing, Remix Song Licensing, & Cover Song Licensing for our music, or for any music catalog. Contact us for rates:

Contact:       MF@LaserLightShow.ORG    (215) 888-8080

Do you Rent Laser Shows?
Yes, but with a Licensed operator, per FDA & FAA License Laws.

Do you Sell Laser show equipment?
No.  There are strict FDA, FAA, and DoD Laws in the USA which previous clients disregard.
Additionally, previous clients also disregard maintenance, cleaning, and operational safety instructions.

Can you Project words, photographs, & video?
Yes, the King Louis Capet XXVI Laser Show Systems can project an image over 2000 feet depending on the complexity of the image, where words are easier to read then a photograph.  Our system has been tested onto sky-scrappers, mountain sides, and even onto the surface of the clouds... greater then any Motion Picture Cinema Projector in theaters or at events today.  We have videos to prove it, Take a look at our video from 2003 "Laser Billboards" and watch us project lasers over a 1/4 mile onto the Betsy Ross Bridge, from the Market Street Bridge in Philadelphia shooting over interstate i95.  Additionally, projecting images over 100 feet wide on to Market Street in Center City Philadelphia, as all of this was recorded and performed in 2003, about 1 year after high power single phase diode laser came into market in the USA.

Are your Lasers Full color?

Yes, they are capable of 16 trillion colors, from 3 RGB Lasers: Red, Green, and BlueHow long is the show Installation?

The Louis Capet XXVI LASER PROJECTION SYSTEM can be installed in about 30 minutes onto a standard Tri-Pod, table top, or it can fly in the air on truss. The Fly-arm has (4) locking devices to prevent the laser from moving when flown near vibration. Typically, with including the time to unload vehicles,  were averaging about 3 hours with 2 people.
Are you Licensed ?
Our LASERS systems & company are Federally Registered with FDA - US Dept. of Health & Human Services, CDRH - Center For Devices of Radiological Health. 

With the FDA, we have Two Licenses:

  • Laser Operator License + Laser Safety Officer

  • Laser Equipment Manufacturer.

Though, we do not sell publicly, but we are licensed to, the manufacturers license is one of the most difficult FDA licenses to acquire in the laser entertainment industry.  

We are also a approved "FDA Electronic Registrar" as we were FDA beta testers for online registrations, and per FDA laws all overseas companies manufacturing radiological devices must have an agent that is physically based in the USA, which we can act on behalf of your overseas organization. This includes, but is not limited to: Lasers, X-Ray Machines,  Cat Scan Machines, Bar Code Scanners, CD Music Players, Microwaves, & Televisions.

All of our outdoor Laser shows & systems are registered with the FAA.  Additionally, we are also licensed by the New York State Department of Labor, one of the only States in America besides Texas & Arizona to have individual licensing.