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  Vegan Philadelphia   | Facebook

​  1,000 members​

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Vegan Colorado Springs


1,000 to 2,000 visitors a day inside Boston, Massachusetts.

10 years ago, we built 200 VEGAN groups

  Vegan Colorado Springs Colorado  |  Facebook

  3,500 members​  -   1,000 to 1,500 daily visitors.


   Vegan Los Angeles California |  Facebook

​   6,000 members  -  1,000   daily visitors.

  Singapore Vegan | Facebook

  500 members​


  Los Angeles Area Events | Facebook

​  6,000 members​

Vegan Houston Texas

populated cities around the world.

These facebook 

vegan groups have helped to influence change on a global scale & have made significant contributions to the vegan movement.

...Some of the greatest websites on the internet.

  Vegan Las Vegas | Facebook

​  3,500 members​

  Vegan Denver Colorado  |  Facebook

​  3,500 members​  -   1,000 to 1,500 daily visitors.

[3] Saved the lives of billions of animals.

Trance Music

  Vegan Charlotte NC | Facebook

​  2,500 members​

Music Publisher | Laser Shows | Record Label |

  Vegan Atlanta Georgia   | Facebook

  1,500 members​

Progressive House Music


  Vegan San Francisco  | Facebook

​  1,000 members​


   Vegan Houston TX  |  Facebook  

​   5,500 members  -   1,000 to 1,800 daily visitors.

  Berlin Germany Vegan |  Facebook

  2,500 members​

  Vegan Louisville Kentucky  |  Facebook

​  2,500 members​

Vegan Boston Massachusetts

Louis Capet XXVI  | Record Label | Music Publishing | Laser Shows | Event Producer

​Philadelphia, PA  USA  |  MF@LaserLightShow.ORG  |   (215) 888-8080

we built & admin worldwide.

   Vegan Miami FL  |  Facebook

  1,000 members​

with  300+  customizable items.

vegan clothing


  Vegan Detroit  | Facebook

​  500 members​

Vegan Alabama

Vegan Alaska

Vegan Arkansas

Vegan Arizona

Vegan Mesa AZ

Vegan Phoenix AZ  (2,000 members)

Vegan Tucson AZ

California Vegan

Vegan Fresno California

Vegan Long Beach California

Vegan Los Angeles California  (6,000 members)

Vegan Oakland California

Vegan Sacramento California

Vegan San Diego

Vegan San Francisco

Vegan Colorado Springs CO  (3,500 members)

Vegan Denver Colorado (3,000 members)

Vegan Washington DC (2,000 members)

Vegan Jacksonville FL

Vegan Miami FL  (2,000 members)

Vegan Atlanta GA (2,000 members)

Vegan Chicago IL

Vegan Indianapolis

Vegan Wichita KS

Vegan Louisville KY (2,500 members)

Vegan Baltimore MD

Vegan Boston Massachusetts (6,000 members)

Vegan Detroit MI

Vegan Minneapolis MN  (2,000 members)

Vegan Kansas City MO

Vegan New York City

Vegan Las Vegas

Vegan Albuquerque NM

Vegan Omaha NE

Vegan Charlotte NC (2,500 members)

Vegan Raleigh NC (2,500 members)

Vegan Cleveland OH

Vegan Columbus OH

Vegan Oklahoma City OK

Vegan Tulsa OK

Vegan Portland OR

Vegan Philadelphia PA (2,000 Members)

Vegan Memphis TN

Vegan Nashville TN

Vegan Texas

Vegan Arlington Texas

Vegan Austin TX (2,500 members)

Vegan Dallas TX

Vegan El Paso TX

Vegan Fort Worth TX

Vegan Houston Texas (5,000 members)

Vegan San Antonio Texas (2,000 members)

Vegan Virginia Beach VA

Vegan Seattle Washington

Vegan Milwaukee WI


Luanda Angolia Vegan

Kinshasa Congo Vegan

Durban South Africa Vegan

Alexandria Egypt Vegan (16,000 members)

Cairo Egypt Vegan

Giza Egypt Vegan

Addis Ababa Ethiopia Vegan

Abidjan Ivory Coast Vegan

Nairobi Kenya Vegan

Lagos Nigeria Vegan

Cape Town South Africa Vegan

Ekurhuleni South Africa Vegan

Johannesburg South Africa Vegan

Dar Es Salaam Tanzania Vegan (4,500 members)


Beijing China Vegan (5,000 members)

Chengdu China Vegan

Chongqing China Vegan

Dongguan China Vegan

Foshan China Vegan

Guangzhou China Vegan

Hong Kong China Vegan

Nanjing China Vegan

Shanghai China Vegan

Shantou China Vegan

Shenzhen China Vegan

Suzhou China Vegan

Tianjin China Vegan

Wuhan China Vegan

Xi'an China Vegan

Tokyo Japan Vegan

Yokohama Japan Vegan

Pyongyang North Korea Vegan

Busan South Korea Vegan

Seoul Korea Vegan

Singapore Vegan 

Taipei Taiwan Vegan


Cancun Mexico Vegan

Mexico City Mexico Vegan


London England Vegan

Berlin Germany Vegan  (7,000 members)

Madrid Spain Vegan


Ahmedabad India Vegan

Bdhaka Bangladesh Vegan

Engaluru India Vegan Bangalore

Chennai India Vegan

Delhi India Vegan

Hyderabad India Vegan

Jaipur India Vegan

Kolkata India Vegan

Mumbai India Vegan

Pune India Vegan

Surat India Vegan


Tehran Iran Vegan

Baghdad Iraq Vegan

Jeddah Saudi Arabia Vegan

Riyadh Saudi Arabia Vegan

Ankara Turkey Vegan

Istanbul Turkey Vegan


Moscow Russia Vegan

Saint Petersburg Russia Vegan 

South America

Bogota Colombia Vegan

Sao Paulo Brazil Vegan

Rio De Janeiro Brazil Vegan

Lima Peru Vegan

Santiago Chile Vegan


Kabul Afghanistan Vegan

Yangon Burma Vegan

Jakarta Indonesia Vegan

Karachi Pakistan Vegan

Lahore Pakistan Vegan

Bangkok Thailand Vegan

Hanoi Vietnam Vegan

Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Vegan

Louis Capet XXVI Laser Shows | Record Label | Music Publisher
Future House Music
Vegan Los Angeles California

   Vegan Dallas Texas  | Facebook

  750 members​

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  Vegan Raleigh NC  | Facebook

​  2,500 members​

Louis Capet XXVI | Laser Shows | Music Publisher | Record Label | Event Producer - One of the longest operating "Laser Show" + EDM Entertainment Companies in America. Leader in Entertainment.

In alphabetical order by State, City, & Continent.


  Vegan Chicago IL | Facebook

​  2,800 members​

on  facebook  based on the most

​​Over the past 10 years our groups have:

[1]  Assisted in making all 11 Public Hospitals in NYC convert to a Plant Based Meal as being the 1st & "default" meal option.  Sept 29, 2022. New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Health + Hospitals - PRESS RELEASE 

we remove all non-vegan content.

Electronic Dance Music Vocals & Vocal EDM
Louis Capet XXVI | Laser Shows | Music Publisher | Record Label | Event Producer - One of the longest operating "Laser Show" + EDM Entertainment Companies in America. Leader in Entertainment.

[4] Converted thousands of carnivores & vegetarians into vegans.

Today we have 125,000 members

  Vegan Austin TX   | Facebook

  1,000 members​

vegan clothing

Music Genres

  Vegan Phoenix AZ  | Facebook

  1,000 members​


  Vegan Alabama | Facebook

​  500 members​

dubstep music

  Vegan Omaha NE | Facebook

​  1,200 members​

Louis Capet XXVI | Laser Shows | Music Publisher | Record Label | Event Producer

Music & Event Facebook Groups

vegan clothing


  Vegan Washington DC  |  Facebook

  1,500 members​


1,000 to 1,500 visitors a day inside Denver, Colorado.


1,000 visitors a day inside 

Los Angeles, California.

  Vegan San Antonio | Facebook

  1,500 members​

and average 10,000+ visitors a day.


  Wuhan China Vegan  | Facebook

​  250 members​

Vegan Denver Colorado


1,000 to 1,500 visitors a day inside Colorado Springs, CO.

Classical Music - Bach, Beethoven, Korsakov


   Beijing China Vegan  |  Facebook  

​   5,000 members  

  Vegan New York City | Facebook

​  4,500 members​

  Vegan El Paso Texas   | Facebook

  500 members​

These are our Best.

Moderated by a team of volunteers who ensure that only relevant and valuable content is shared. With over 200 cities represented, these vegan groups continue to make a positive impact and are an essential resource for those looking to join the vegan community.

The vegan movement has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with more people than ever before choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle. This is largely due to the rise of social media, which has enabled vegan activists to reach a much wider audience.

The success of these vegan Facebook groups is a testament to the power of social media, and the impact it can have on the vegan movement. The groups have become a hub for vegan activists, providing a platform for them to share their stories, recipes, 

advice, & events.

It is a instrument

 helping to convert thousands of people to veganism. Through their posts and discussions, they have been able to educate and inform people about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and the impact it can have on the environment and animal welfare. Through their work, they have been able to save the lives of billions of animals, and help to create a more sustainable future.

Today, all 11 Public Hospitals in New York City now serve VEGAN as the 1st & default meal for all patients.


  Philly After Dark | Facebook

​  9,000 members​


  Vegan Nashville TN | Facebook

​  250 members​

vegan clothing


1,000 to 1,800 visitors a day inside Houston, Texas.

vegan clothing

​​[2] Created marriages for hundreds of vegan couples.


  Vegan Boston Massachusetts  | Facebook

  6,000 members​  -   1,000 to 2,000 daily visitors.

edm music and Electronic Dance Music