JS Bach

J.S. Bach
Orchestral Suite No. 1

in C major

» Ouverture
» Courante
» Gavottes I & II
» Forlane
» Menuets I & II
» Bourrées I & II

» Passepieds I & II

J.S. Bach
Orchestral Suite No. 4

in D major

» Ouverture
» Bourrées I & II
» Gavotte
» Menuets I & II
» Rejouissance

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J.S. Bach
Orchestral Suite No. 2

in B minor

» Ouverture
» Rondeau
» Sarabande
» Bourrées I & II alt
» Polonaise
» Menuet
» Badinerie

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Johann Sebastian Bach Orchestral Suite

J.S. Bach
Orchestral Suite No. 3

in D major

» Ouverture
» Air
» Gavottes I & II
» Bourrée
» Gigue

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 J. S. Bach Synthesized

Matt Falcone remixes the complete Johann Sebastian Bach Orchestral Suite Series with modern day synthesizers. Over 1 hour of Classical music! Easy Listening, but also very fast paced, UP-BEAT, & modern. Bach Synthesized includes 24 of J.S. Bach's masterpiece songs digitally remastered with the latest in synthesizer technology. This is a great gift for all ages from young kids to seniors. 

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