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JayZ Big Pimpin'  //  Mat Falcon Re-Edit + Combined 2 Remixes w/ the original.

3.5 hour pre-recorded / Multi-Track Mix

for New Years Eve LASER Show

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Von Beethoven

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Most of theses are also call re-works, re-edits, or mini-mixes as some are a combination of multiple remixes by other producers combined with parts of the original songs, thus the the terminology "remix" is not used.  These were specifically designed for our laser show client, Charlottesville, VA who requested  choreographed lasers to music.  Something we don't like doing because it can take 8 hours to design a 5 minute laser show to music.  A lot of time is spent on finding music, removing curse words, cutting the choruses, or verses as most songs are near 5 minutes, and a 1 hour laser show would limit us to 5 to 10 songs... so we make these edits to play the maximum # of songs.  Below are excerpts from New Years Eve @ SPRINT PAVILLION in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Designing the laser show & editing the music took near 25 days long for the total 3 hour show.  The artists were compensated from our ASCAP performance set list. The entire 3 hour set is above & can be found on soundcloud or mixcloud.


Call Me + River of Freedom + Somebody

Mat Falcon 3 song "MiniMix"

Johann Sebastian Bach
Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor

» Ouverture
» Rondeau
» Sarabande
» Bourrées I & II alternativement
» Polonaise
» Menuet
» Badinerie


Multi-Track Mixes

Original Music:

Johann Sebastian Bach Orchestral Suite

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Scheherazade Rimsky Korsakov

3D EDM Festival

Johann Sebastion Bach Orchestral Suites


Corona Rhythm of the Night Remix


includes (4)

four Movements:

I.   The Sea and Sinbad's Ship

II.   The Kalender Prince

III.  The Young Prince & the Young Princess

IV.  Festival at Bagdad

beethoven moonlight sonata
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 "The Rhythm of the Night" is a song by the Italian Eurodance group Corona, released in late 1993. It reached #1 in Italy, #5 on the Eurochart Hot 100, and by the end of 1994 it was the longest-charting single on the Eurochart Hot 100. It peaked within the top-ten in a total of 14 countries: Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In the United States, it reached #11 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was even featured on Grand Theft Auto V’s radio.

Billboard wrote about the song: "Recent No. 1 U.K./European hit... Thumping Italo disco beats support glossy faux-rave synths and a diva vocal that is forceful without being overly aggressive. A wildly catchy and repetitive chorus already has begun to woo radio programmers in several major markets on import."

In 2013, Vibe placed "The Rhythm of the Night" at #9 in their list of "Before EDM: 30 Dance Tracks from the '90s That Changed the Game."

In 2017 BuzzFeed listed the song at #2 in the "The 101 Greatest Dance Songs of the '90s" list in 2017. They wrote: "The Rhythm of the Night" is not only a song, it's a lifestyle. It's a triumph. A feeling. Pure joy. This song will take you places!"

beethoven deezer
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Johann Sebastian Bach
Orchestral Suite No. 4 in D major

» Ouverture
» Bourrées I & II
» Gavotte
» Menuets I & II
» Rejouissance

Corona Rhythm of the Night Remix Fedde Le Grand

Johann Sebastian Bach
Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major

» Gavottes I & II

Mat Falcon  //  Mini Mix of Top 40

Scheherazade, Op. 35, is a symphonic suite composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1888 and based on the book, One Thousand and One Nights, sometimes known as The Arabian Nights. In 2017, it was digitally remastered and remixed with the most modern synthesizers by Matt Falcone.

This event was a concert & also featured a double theater (2) outdoor drive-in movie theaters

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To hear more Remixes, or listen to entire 3 hour set, ...schroll up and listen to the Sprint Pavillion Charlottesville, Virginia on Soundcloud or Mixcloud, because this platform Reverbnation only supports Low-Fi 8mb songs.

J.S. Bach Synthesized on Amazon Johann Sebastin Bach Classical music
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Mat Falcon
- Intro
Mat Falcon - Daya Adele (REMIX) Dj Pyromania
Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me
Fifth Harmony - Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign
Drake - One Dance feat. Kyla & Wizkid
Beyoncé - 711
Outkast - So Fresh, So Clean
Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
Skrillex and Diplo - Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber
Twenty One Pilots - Heathens
Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix)
The Good Men - Give It Up (Batacuda Refrescante)
Mat Falcon - Corona / Fedde Le Grand - Rhythm Of The Night (REMIX - MASHUP)
Flux Pavilion - i feel it
DJ ToTo - los angeles
Afrojack & Laidback Luke - move to the sounf (ft. hawkboy)
Groove Armada - Unknown Track
Afrojack ft Eva Simons - take over control
Bauer - Harlem Shake Mad Decent
Bee Gees -Stayin Alive
Mat Falcon - ColdPlay / Astero (REMIX MASH UP) adventures of a lifetime
Vitas - 7th element (2002)
SEREBRO - mama mia
Katy Perry - fireworks
Deee-Lite - call me / river of freedom / somebody
Mat Falcon - Dee Lite (REMIX / MASHUP)
Sneaker Pimps - spin spin sugar
Flux Pavilion - blow the roof off
Shaggy - dance & shake

4.) New Years Last 45 minutes

Mat Falcon - Intro
Shakira - she wolf
Paul Simon - Kodachrome
Guns N' Roses - welcome to the jungle
Jane's Addiction - been caught steeling
Mat Falcon / Sensai - venom (REMIX)
Eminem - Guess who's back (without me)
Benny Hill TV - TV Theme Song
Eminen - my name is slim shaddy
Benny Hill TV - (Reece Low Remix)
Krome and Time - Let catch up in the fever
AC/DC - thunderstruck
Flux Pavilion - i feel it
Robbie Tronco - Ladies & Gentelman
Mat Falcon - (countdown) to MIDNIGHT NEW YEARS EVE
New Years Song - Auld Lang Syne
Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (Vanic Remix)
Fox Stevenson - All this time
Fox Stevenson & Curbi - hooka - vip 2017
Matt Falcone - Analog Synthphony TweakCherto no 1

Johann Sebastin Bach Classical music on Google Play

Owner of Louis Capet XXVI Limited Liability Corporation, and also former Partner / Owner (not the founder) at P.A.W.N. LASER from 1994-2017.  While at P.A.W.N. LASER, Falcon was forced to semi-retire around 2003 after, and as a result of the RAVE Enactment Law that effected the majority of our clients like Disco Donnie (SFXE NASDAQ / LiveStyle), brought upon by the 107th US Congress in 2002 which pronounced Electronic Dance Music as illegal. So he worked at several Mortgage Companies as a co-broker, and in Real Estate Investing Firms from 2004 - 2011, and also wrote several new FDA laser product reports while the technology was changing from Ion Gas Water Cooled lasers to Diode Laser crystals.  In 2011, water cooled gas laser shows became obsolete for all the colors. In May 2012, he produced the 3D-EDM Festival at Citizen's Bank Park Stadium (home of the Philadelphia Phillie's MLB) outdoors at the Holiday Inn Stadium.  He also worked with MTV AMP on Sponsoring the start up of Ultra Music Festival in 1999, and again on his own in 2002 & 2004 in Miami, Florida.  Additionally, Detroit Electronic Music Festival w/ the Kingdom of Netherlands Dept of Tourism, and has had many successful projects w/ corporate sponsors such as Goya Foods Superbowl 2014 illumination, Red Bull, Def Jam, Reebok, Budweiser, Absolute Vodka, World Wrestling Entertainment - Royal Rumble, Comcast Spectacore's Philadelphia Fusion, and everything and anything else you see anywhere on this entire website LightShow.ORG -   Falcon has two College Degree's, one from Bucks County Community College for Multimedia, and one from Temple University for Mass Media.   While at Temple in 2003, Falcon volunteered for CAPR which was the first & largest ultra-fast Laser Research Laboratory sponsored by the US Army and Department of Defense where he helped them move into the State of Pennsylvania during their 1st year.  This was a 4 million Dollar a year Laboratory, of which included only Falcon, 3 Doctors, and a secretary.  In 2015, he became a temporary Laser supplier for Red Stone Arsenal in Alabama, which is part of the new Army Contracting Command.   Additionally, he is a very strict VEGAN since 1994, and he spends his spare time distributing Peta vegan propaganda videos, and free: flyers, pamphlets, and  vegan coloring books.

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Razor & Guido Do it Again


+ Extended Drop Remix

Here, you'd have to really know the original to understand what I got going on. This song was probably in the Top 10 Dance Charts in the late 90's.  It's a very very dirty song, with lots of references to narcotics in the words & sound effects....  but, a Radio Version / Clean Version was never made so I decided to make it all ages appropriate so I could play the song in front of children for a choreopgraphed laser show & I removed all the adult parts.

Mat Falconproduced the concert "3D EDM" in 2012  which was a concert with (2) stages with (2) outdoor (36ft) drive-in movie theaters on the lawn, the parking lots of the Citizens Bank Ballpark Stadium (Philadelphia Phillies) at the Holiday Inn Stadium Hotel.

Spectators seen REAL 3D holograms made with LASERS as they were able to touch & walk around the Laser Holograms without wearing any 3D Glasses. LASERS also projected on to the side of the Phillies Stadium.

The movies showcased were:
LIMELIGHT starring 50 cent, Jay Z, and Moby.
PARTY MONSTER starring Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone), Seth Green (Austin Powers) and Wilson Cruz.

The concert included performances by:
DJ Scotto (Party Monster, Ravestock, Nasa NYC inventor of USA RAVES)
- DJ / Producer P.A.W.N. (
Joseph Reese)
- DJ Robbie Tronco (Pioneer of House Music)
- Karl K (Need for Speed 2 PS2,
Koldfront Records)
DJ Unicron
DJ Dan D
- Hedzfallinoff featuring
DJ Ha and Tony Catastrophe.

 Lily Allen / Mat Falcon (CLEAN EDIT) 4 song Mini-Mix

Mat Falcon's

Mini-Mixes + Song Edits from New Years Eve in Charlottesville, VA

Scheherazade Rimsky Korsakov
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Johann Sebastian Bach
Orchestral Suite No. 1 in C major

» Ouverture
» Courante
» Gavottes I & II
» Forlane
» Menuets I & II
» Bourrées I & II

» Passepieds I & II

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata
Rimsky Korsakov

Page 3 of 5 - 3D EDM FESTIVAL

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Palace of Versailles
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Katy Perry /  DLV - Fireworks


/ Mat Falcon"RE-edit"  /  3 song MASHUP

J.S. Bach Synthesized on iHeart Radio
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Motley Crew - Girls Girls Girls

//  Mat Falcon Extended INTRO Remix

Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov


iHeartRadio - Scheherazade Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov

Originally scheduled as eight or nine 45 minute prerecorded choreographed sets, but after # 1 the crowd got upset that the music was turned off, so it turned into a 10 hour's of straight music from 3pm to 12:15 including the New Years Eve Countdown.

Lots of editing, removing curse words, & shortening songs to fit the most amount of songs into 45 minutes.... doing things like removing choruses, or only saving my favorite parts of the songs.  Almost every song has a change in it, which could be arguable as sort-of remixing almost 50 songs.

Corona + Fedde Le Grand

"Rhythm of the Night "

Matt Falcone Re-edit

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Secret Cinema Grooveyard,

Plastikman Spastik, &  SM Traxx.

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Beethoven moonlight sonata
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The Police - dadada
Carrie Underwood - blown away
Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait
U2 - magnificent
Roger Waters - hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Donna Summer - i feel love
Stevie Wonder - happy birthday
Dave Matthews Band - ants marching
Dave Matthews Band - tripping billies
Taylor Swift - blank space


sm traxx
- got the groove
Mat Falcon / Madonna - material girl (REMIX) extended intro / removed chorus
avon - i'm a barbie girl
The Ting Tings - that's not my name (special version Live in NYC)
Ghostland Observatory - dancing on my grave
Motley Crue' - girls, girls, girls
Miley Cyrus - do my thang Live @ MTV Unplugged
ZZ Top - doubleback from Back to the future III (movie)
Dave Matthews Band - two step
Mat Falcon / Paul Simon - Graceland (REMIX) extended intro / removed chorus
Nelly - drop down get your eagle on
Mat Falcon - Jay Z / UGK Kid Cedek / Niko Javan - big pimpin (REMIX / MASHUP)
Mat Falcon - razor & guido - do it again (REMIX / clean version / Extended Drops)
Robbie Tronco - fright train
Plastikman / Richie Hawtin - spastik
Secret Cinema - grooveyard
Mat Falcon - Tronco / Plastikman / Secret Cinema (MASHUP) (Quad MultiTrack Remix)
Carnage - Unknown Track ?
Beanie Sigel feat Freeway - Roc Da Mic
Freeway - What We Do ft. JAY Z, Beanie Sigel
50 Cent - P.I.M.P. (Snoop Dogg Remix) ft. G-Unit
50 Cent - Nan your a window shopper
Mat Falcon - Lily Allen MiniMix (REMIX)
Drake - One Dance feat. Kyla & Wizkid
Gwen Stefani - Misery - Mona Lisa Smile ft. Nicole Scherzinger
Dnce - Cake by the Ocean
Justin Timberlake - i got this feeling

Madonna Material Girl

Mat Falcon Extended Dance INTRO Remix /  Removed the choruses

The Countdown on New Years Eve 2016/2017 - SPRINT PAVILLION

Billy Joel to Justin Bieber Remix

Matt Falcone remixes the complete Johann Sebastian Bach Orchestral Suite Series with modern day synthesizers. Over 1 hour of music! Easy Listening, but also very fast paced, UP-BEAT, & modern. Bach Synthesized includes 24 of J.S. Bach's masterpiece songs digitally remastered with the latest in synthesizer technology. This is a great gift for all ages from young kids to seniors. 

ASCAP Johann Sebastin Bach Classical music

INTRO for Laser Show

Vocals by Damian Pinto,

Voice of Ultra Music Festival.

New Years Eve 2017

Charlottesville, VA

This event was a concert & also featured a double theater (2) outdoor drive-in movie theaters in a...

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beethoven moonlight sonata

ColdPlay / Astero / Mat Falcon  -  Adventures of a Lifetime  //  "RE-edit"

Smtraxx Got - The Groove

///  Mat Falcon Extended INTRO

Scheherazade Synthesized

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Scheherazade Synthesized by Mat Falcon available on Google Play
Scheherazade Synthesized by Mat Falcon available on Google Play
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Universal Music Group Corona Rhythm of the Night Remix

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