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​​Are you licensed?
Our laser projector equipment & company are both Federally licensed with  the FDA - US Dept. of Health & Human Services, CDRH - Center For Devices of Radiological Health. 

With the FDA, we have Two Licenses:

Laser Operator / Laser Safety Officer
Laser Equipment Manufacturer

Though, we do not sell lasers, but we are licensed to, the manufacturers license is one of the most difficult FDA licenses to acquire in any laser industry.  

All of our outdoor laser shows are registered with the FAA. 

Additionally, we are also licensed by the New York State Department of Labor, one of the only States in America besides Texas & Arizona to have individual licensing. 

Furthermore, we also have the New York City Fire Department "Place of Assembly Safety Personnel" F04 Certification formerly known as a "Fire Guard."

What are your electrical requirements?
Lasers = 1 amp to 3 amps each  with 110 volt electricity.
Fog & Haze Machines = 16 amps each x 4 to 8 units. Some on gas generator.

Can anybody use it?
No, you must be licensed. We have to Operate the Lasers.

What is the purchase price?
We do not sell.

99.99% of internet laser projectors are illegal in the United States and other Countries. Amazon.com bans the sale of any laser projector.  The US Customs stops these laser projectors from entering the USA, but some systems still enter.   Those projectors are rejected because they are missing critical safety features that are required in the USA and other Countries...  Such as :emitting IR infar-red invisible laser radiation from reflection onto or into the eyes or skin of people, missing internal beam shutters, missing external remote safety buttons, missing key switches, missing external laser emission indicators, missing safety stickers, and many more missing components.

Some cheap illegal lasers as they are turned off, technically it is not turned off, it "may" go into IR aka infar-red, and with our light meters it still reads the same burning power levels as a visible laser.  All of our Laser systems meet and exceed USA and International laser safety standards and regulations and come with multiple operators.  

We want to install a laser billboard outside at our location, for outdoor advertising, can you see it in the day time?

Maybe, sometimes...  It helps if you have:

  • The surface wall is white
  • It is not in direct sunlight.

How far away can I keep the laser projector for a laser billboard? Can your laser project a large image at 1/4 mile away, or at 15 feet?

We can scan up to about 140 degrees. Our scan ratio is much better than any video projector.

We have special lasers, that are different then lasers used at concerts because they have a beam divergence of  0.5 milliradians which is not common, so they can project great far away onto very big walls at night in the dark such as filing the outside surface of tall skyscraper, projecting onto mountain sides, and even projecting onto the surface of the clouds... if the clouds are laying  lower then 1,500 feet ceiling height in the sky. For laser graphics, and laser logo projections, we wouldn't suggest being farther then about a 1/4 mile to "read" logos & words.   Remember, a single laser can shoot 20 miles, or as a dot... even farther.  

What kind of software do you use?

We use the most advanced multimedia software in the world.  It has many features including: Animation, 3D, Audio In & Out, Photo Trace, Video Trace, DMX In & Out, USB, Cat5, individual laser control, Wireless iPhone / Android App control, and Audience Interactive Cellular Text Messaging In & Out text to laser.  We can also be programed in advance to various different time codes like smpte, and also various types of lighting boards by creating new universes in Art-Net. 

What are the different types of laser shows?

  • Air show

  • Graphics show

Then there are:

  • Choreographed shows

  • Un-choreographed shows

We do not do lights, nor sound systems,  and we do NOT sub-rent or hire light & sound systems, or companies.

What are the steps in planning an outdoor laser show?

  • We need the address of the venue so we can record elevation levels above sea level on special USGS "topographical maps" from the United States Geological Survey.

  • We need to know which directions you want us to shoot.

  • We then submit a permit with the FAA who conducts an aeronautical study. 

  • The FAA issues a NOTAM - "Notice to Airman", and also a "TFR" Temporary Flight Restrictions.  We actually move the planes in the sky, and stay on telephone contact with the nearest open FAA tower over seeing your area during the show.

What are the programming steps in planning a laser show?
Depends on how complex & how much choreographed or pre planning you want. 

How much stage prep time?
Depends on how complex, how many units, and how far the stage is from our vehicle parking.  Some events have 50 lasers. 

How much space is needed? 
Lasers less then 50 watts are about 1x1x1 ft.   They sit on tri-pods with a footprint of 4x4 w/ 3 legs that rise up to 13 feet.  The units can also: sit on the ground, fly or stand on truss, clamp onto a beam, or lay on a roof.

The 50 and 100+ watt outdoor laser units weigh 100 pounds, and are 3x1x1.  They use a (2) two-tri-pod rig footprint which is about 6x4x4 w/ 6 legs, and again can sit on the ground, fly or stand on truss, clamp onto a beam, or lay on a roof.

How dangerous are lasers?

Even the weakest laser at 50 milliwatts or less, can still light a cigar or tissue paper on fire.  Our 50 watt laser can burn a hole into a soda can, and they even burn a mark into dry-wall at 10 feet away in one second.   It took our company many years to acquire a license, and we did it in the 1990's before the FDA even had a web site.  It was a very timely process, and it involved a lot of paperwork, and inspections from the FDA CDRH US Government Dr. James Frye.  

We are the most experienced laser company in the world, with licensed operators, and licensed equipment.  We have NEVER HAD AN INJURY, NOT EVEN ONE TIME. We have performed more laser shows then the entire laser show industry combined total laser shows. 

Louis Capet XXVI was formerly operating as P.A.W.N. LLC, specializing only in Laser shows & music.  P.A.W.N. LLC  became one of the longest operating "Laser"  companies under the management of Matt Falcone after 1997 who incorporated them, operating as a partner, and new owner of a older organization which may be 10 years older, originally operating Water-Cooled-Lasers on Amiga computers, ADAT magnetic tape, & synthesizers.  During the turn of the Century, we produced up to 4 "water-cooled laser" shows a week w/ 3 phase electricity 480 volts at a lot of  "festivals." That could total near 2,750 laser shows before the year 2002 when the technology changed from gas to crystals (diodes) for us. P.A.W.N.  was about one of the first 5 or so laser companies inside the USA doing water cooled gas laser shows on a  "computer," with computer software, ...of about maybe ten or so total laser companies in the USA, not including Planetariums, Disney World,etc.

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​​​​​​​Do you perform laser shows similar to fireworks?

Yes, performing laser shows is our specialty. 

Do you rent laser shows?
You need several Federal Licenses to operate our equipment.  We have to operate it for you during your rental.

Do you sell laser show equipment?

How far can the laser search light beam go?
The larger, more powerful laser systems can shoot like a search light maybe 10 to 20 miles depending on weather conditions. Our 50 watt laser can burn a hole into a soda can, and they even burn a mark into dry-wall at 10 feet away in one second. We provide over 100+ watt lasers.  We also have a 0.5 Milliradian laser, that is the World's Thinnest Diverging Laser, meaning the tightest laser beam, that doesn't spread like a flashlight.

Can you project words, photographs, & video?

How big can the laser image be?
We have lasers that can project an "image" several Hundred Feet W x H and very far away, such as 1500 feet. Larger surfaces like sky-scrapper walls, mountain sides, or stadium walls & stadium floors would be good examples.   It is possible to also project onto the surface of the clouds when the clouds are low laying under 1,500 feet ceiling, though we can not project weather conditions. 

Are your lasers full color?

Yes, they are capable of 16 trillion colors, from 3 RGB Lasers: Red, Green, and Blue. We can project photographs and video.

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