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EVE Michelson, also quite well known in Europe under the name of "No Name" was born in Agen, France, & is a French songwriter-composer-interpreter. She is not a DJ, all her sets are a Live. 

She began composing music at the age of 13, and furthermore also as a College major until leaving to devote herself passionately to her full time musical career. Eve then began to dig a spot on the electro music scene, composing many tracks in several musical groups.

In 1981, she began with the ANANDA group in electronic music. Then she connects in 1982 with MICKEY FINN and FRAGMATIK, always in the same genre. From 1983 to 1987, she expanded her repertoire with Urgo BENZ composing and interpreting of industrial music. From 1985 to 1988 she was intermingling genres and groups , & also playing tirelessly with FARRAH DIOD OF ANTIFOGS, as electro and industrial. She continues her musical evolution with DA DA DA (electronic music) from 1988 to 1995.

From 1995 to today, she is part of NO NAME ERAS HEAD Group, and produces the most extreme hardcore electronic as imaginable on ABLETON and ATARIS synthesizers, with an experimental scientific research approach .

It was in 2016 that Eve Michelson decided to continue more actively the genre that is truly part of her deepest me, the ELECTRO. Her true roots are influenced by elektro of German robotics, such as KRAFTWERK and industrial NEUBAUTEN. She follows her heart, and of course her boundless inspiration. She develops and leads a new style phenomenon: THE EVOLUTIVE ELECTRO.


Orion, France

Louis Capet XXVI Music Publishing  |  2038 Grant Ave.  Philadelphia, PA 19115  |  MF@LaserLightShow.ORG  |  INFO@LouisCapetXXVI.com  |  (215) 888-8080
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