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KING + PAWN LASERS has performed on many tours and the largest festivals across the USA such as:

Laser Division - Louis Capet XXVI LASERS

Louis Capet XXVI LASERS is near one of the longest running laser light show companies started and made in the USA.  (Not including Planetariums & Disney World). We purchased P.A.W.N. LASERS in 1996, which was created in July of 1985 when Joseph Reese & Mark Reed produced there first big Laser Show at LiveAid in John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia which had an estimated attendance of over 100,000 guests.   In 2017, P.A.W.N. Entertainment was acquired by Louis Capet XXVI.

Totaling over 35 years of entertainment & laser show experience, our partners located in all corners of the globe lead to the many advances in laser technology, techniques, unique laser products, & event services that we have available to offer you today. With a long list of prestigious clients, we pride our self on delivering a quality product when time and budget are the main factor.

Louis Capet XXVI Laser Shows + MusicPublishing - www.LaserLightShow.ORG
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Louis Capet XXVI  Limited Liability Co.
2038 Grant Avenue. Philadelphia, PA 19115
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Louis Capet XXVI Music Publishing - www.LaserLightShow.ORG
Louis Capet XXVI Music Publishing - www.LaserLightShow.ORG


           Louis Capet XXVI Laser Light Shows

   Parent:                 Louis Capet XXVI Limited Liability Co.

   Industry:              Entertainment, Mass Media
Headquarters:    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

   Owner:                  Matt Falcone
   Area served:        Worldwide
Products:             Laser lighting display
Music Publishing & Licensing
Record Label
Laser Video Projector

                                   Laser Light Shows

                                   Laser Billboards
Motion Pictures (Documentaries)
Concerts  &  Festivals

P.A.W.N. LASER + P.A.W.N. RECORDINGS in Costa Rica Central America at the Grand Opening of Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery
DJ P.A.W.N. (Joseph Reese) on Microsoft
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Goya Foods - 2014 Super Bowl Weekend illumination with PAWN LASERS

Louis Capet XXVI Laser Shows became one of the largest laser companies in the industry, and one of the longest operating Laser lighting display companies under the management of Matt Falcone  since 1996 operating as partner / owner of PAWN LASER. Lunar Magazine stated, "P.A.W.N brings out some of the best & brightest lasers they ever seen, many people completely turned their backs to DJ booth to be mesmerized by the lasers."  Mixer Magazine, mentioned in an article about the Future Festival in Atlanta GA, that the magazine "Spent the majority of their night inside P.A.W.N.'s lights."    Projection, Lights, & Staging News says about P.A.W.N., "The company is one of the first five Laser Light Show companies started and made in the USA."  The Philadelphia Daily News discusses in an interview with Matt Falcone,  how his most recent event 3D-EDM at Citizen's Bank Park Stadium Parking Lot, which consisted of two area's: a concert stage, and a Drive in Movie Theater included a technology they call "3D Free Space Holography" in which viewers can see 3D images floating in the air with out the use of special 3D glasses accomplished by projecting laser light with their atmospheric conditioning machines; and that they are the only Movie Theater in the world with this technology." 

P.A.W.N Movie Theater at Wawa Welcome America for the screening of Rocky Balboa at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


KING + PAWN have appeared on the TV shows:


We are a Laser lighting display Company Record Label / Music Publisher, and also an  Event Producer.

  • EVENTS  - We  have showcased world class artists in almost all 50 States of the USA, with our most recent self-produced event occurring at the home of MLB Philadelphia Phillies & the parking lot of Citizens Bank Park Stadium at the Holiday Inn Stadium & S. 10th St. 

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We have built up one of the largest publishing & distributing partners in the music industry totaling over 300+ channels in our portfolio including outlets such as music stores, radio, TV, Jukeboxes,  audio fingerprinting, & licensing: 

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P.A.W.N. at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, NY - Projekt Revolution Tour with SNOOP DOGG, LINKIN PARK, GHOST FACE KILLA DEF JAM

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