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Over 25+ years experience full time in the entertainment industry, with an estimated 2,750 laser shows produced since 1995. Owner of one of the oldest laser companies in America, of a total of about less than 10 in the USA. From 1994 to 2004, we had a monopoly in the Music Festival Industry from South Florida north to Canada. On the east, from NYC west to the Mississippi River, and occasionally producing shows in California, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, and Central America. Leading up to the year 2004, our company had produced more laser shows than the entire industry combined totals doing 4 to 5 laser shows a week for 10+ years up until the technology changed in price affordability from gas & water to diode. To be honest, we just could not afford 1 million dollars for a rgb diode, until the parts became affordable in  2011.  We had green & blue, but not high power red.    www.LaserLightShow.ORG/about

1989 - Company was created as a Multimedia Firm, P.A.W.N. LASERS, P.A.W.N. ENTERTAINEMT, P.A.W.N RECORDS.
1995 - Matt Falcone started as an employee. 1st owner left to be the Exec. Producer “
Lazy Town” TV Show.
1997 - Matt Falcone purchased a partnership, and set up the LLC.
1999 - FDA Approved P.A.W.N. P-1 Laser System for sale inside the United States of America.

2004 - Discontinued renting sound, lights, & video regularly.
1998 to 2005 - Held an Artist Roster of Music Talent from the BBC Radio Top #1 to #5 MC’s.
Start to Present - Record Label & Music Publisher.
2017 - Company Reorganized. Name Changed. Matt Falcone is now the sole-owner.


Lux LifeStyle Magazine - “Best Laser Show Rental Company in the USA.” 
2020, 2021, 2022 - - “Best Entertainment Agency in the USA.
October 2022 -

Experience Examples​  

Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2004 - Produced the LASERS outdoors for 3 days in front of 1 million people. Shot lasers over the Detroit River into Windsor Canada.

Ultra Music Festival - 2000 #2, 2002 #4, 2004 #6 - Show design & build. Lasers. We worked with, and came in with MTV AMP who sponsored the start up of Ultra Music Festival #2 in 2000. The City of Miami has estimated that Ultra has "generated approximately $995 million of economic impact, with $168 million in 2018 alone.

We were their 1st laser company when the event occurred on the actual Miami Beach, FL, and still to this day probably the only laser company that shot 3 phase 480 volt water cooled lasers on the beach in Miami at the edge of the Ocean. We actually had to bury garden hoses in the sand all the way to a hotel. In addition, still to this day, in the history of Ultra we are probably the only artist to be listed multiple times on the same year's flyer, and also have a full page description.


Ultra is now a conglomerate, and have expanded to Ultra Worldwide — starting with Ultra Brasil, Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Ultra Buenos Aires); Santiago, Chile (Ultra Chile); Seoul, Korea (Ultra Korea); Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa (Ultra South Africa); Tokyo, Japan (Ultra Japan); Bali, Indonesia (Ultra Bali); Singapore (Ultra Singapore); and Ibiza, Spain (Ultra Ibiza). Ultra Europe, Croatia. Road to Ultra events have taken place in Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Colombia, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Macau, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. Hong Kong, India, Australia, Shanghai, China, Mexico City, Ibiza, New Delhi, Mumbai, Australia, Taiwan, etc....

Projekt Revolution Tour 2004 - Toured with Ghostface Killah on Linkin Park's 2004 Projekt Revolution Tour with Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Korn, and many other bands.  Laser Company. Projected onto stadium walls with lasers, the 1st ever cellular mass text messages.  We sent & received sms messages in bulk for the first time ever in the world, in front of an audience.  With 40,000 guests daily, we received & sent about 3,500 text messages.  We were able to do polling, multiple choice questions, and calculate totals in real time.  This is what we did on the tour with the lasers.  No "Laser Show."


WWE World Wrestling Entertainment - Royal Rumble 2004 - Lasers for TV. 40,000 guests.  Supplied (3) three Spectra Physics 171 Lasers inside (1) one projector.  8 feet long each, 90 watts RGB water cooled 3 phase 480 volts. Still to this day, the industry is maxing averages at 50 watts in diodes.  20 years ago, were still double the power of industry standards of today, 2023. 

Grand Opening of City Hall Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park 2014 - Worked with The Mayor's Office, & Synergetic Sounds. Supplied one 36 foot Outdoor Movie Theater for 20k lumen movie projection. Produced 8 shows, for 2 months, a weekly movie night at City Hall. Production Manager of Screens. 500 guests.

Borough of Kennett Square, PA New Years Eve -

2014 to Present - Lasers. 10,000 guests.

USA Today - Top 10 Weird Things Droping New Year's Eve (
VIDEO 2021/2022 -

VIDEO 2018/2019 -

VIDEO 2017/2018 -

Harris Stowe State University -
Anheuser Busch School of Business - St. Louis, MO
2014 to Present
- Lasers.

PICS 2022 -

PICS 2021 -

PICS 2018 -

150th Anniversary Marshfield Fair, Boston MA. 2017 - Show design & build. (2) Two 36 foot Outdoor Movie Theaters, Audio equipment installed, hired / brought a DJ. Laser show in multiple locations for the fair over a demolition derby / crash racing. 75,000 guests.

100th Anniversary Boy Scouts of America -

  • Chester PA 2019
    • Co-Producer of Stage Production. Supplied 1 hour of Pre-Recorded Music, Time Line, Laser Choreography.​​ VIDEO -
  • Sussex County Fairgrounds NJ / New York City Area 2009
    • Supplied (2) Two 36 foot Outdoor Movie Theaters, & Lasers.  $275,000 jenoptik laser.  The 1st high power RGB diode system at 15watts.   It needed a fork lift to move it.   25,000 guests
    • PICS -

We spend a lot of time, going over every minute of the show, or second, …on a timeline, 6 months to 2 years in advance discussing everything from performers, speeches, etc… from entrance to exit, medics, military involvement, and flyovers. 

100th Anniversary - The Borough of Stone Harbor, NJ 2013 - Lasers indoors & outdoors.

175th Pennington School, Pennington NJ 2013 - Lasers & Music.

Goya Foods - 2014 Superbowl Illumination - Lasers Logo Projections at World Headquarters.


Dolce & Gabbana - Roof Top of Rockefeller Center NBC Universal World Headquarters 2018 - Lasers. Liza Minnelli.


​Wall Street Journal Article - Dolce & Gabbana Stages a Star-Studded 4-Day New York Extravaganza - WSJ

Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival - 2012 - Lasers. 80,000 guests.

Wawa Welcome America - 2012 to 2017 - Worked with the CEO of Visit Philly, Jeff Guaracino, the Mayor’s Office, and Synergetic Sounds. Design & install of 5 different movie nights a year, totaling about 30 events in various locations over 6 years. Wawa Welcome America is a series of events, a 10 day long celebration leading to America's Birthday on July 4th in the birthplace of America, the City of Philadelphia. In 2018, our 36 FT air inflatable Movie Theater was replaced with LED, b/c when we started, our attendance was about 3,500 a day. By 2018 we had grown to an average 7,500 guests daily. The City said, from now on, they want these events to end at night, not start at night, so they needed to switch to a smaller LED wall. Locations included Rocky at the Art Museum Steps, Rittenhouse Park, Franklin Square, & City Hall Philadelphia. We supplied the 36 FT Movie Theaters. 7,500 guests daily.  PICS + VIDEO + TV NEWS -

Six Flags Great Adventure - 2012 to 2017 - Gay Day & Freight Fest Opening. Production Manager for a 1 day annual event. Co-Executive Production Buyer. Executive Stage Management. Talent Buyer staff, hired Woodstock 94's Festival-In Festival Producer of Ravestock, DJ Scotto. - DJ Scotto is also involved with the annual Christmas lighting on the White House lawn, in Washington DC.  Hired Lighting and Sound Companies. Supplied Lasers. Install, build, hired labor, sub-contractors, & show operation. Six Flags Great Adventure attracts 24 million people a year.

Laconia Fest at Motorcycle Week - Laconia New Hampshire 2016 - Talent Buyer Staff, Production Buyer Staff, Co-Stage Production Manager, Advertising & Marketing Staff - Hired Think Pink Floyd. Worked with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Bret Michaels, Lita Ford, David Ellefson of Megadeth, and FMX Freestyle Motocross Exhibits w/ jumps and stunts on 14 acre Festival Grounds with Multiple Stages.


IRIS Presents Imagine Festival - Atlanta GA. 1998 to 2003 - Formerly called the Future Festival in 1999. Talent Buyer staff, Production Buyer staff, Marketing & Advertising staff. Stage Management. Co-Production Manager. Provided Music Talent, & Lasers. This event has 80,000 guests today.

SYMPTY Presents - 1998 to 2005 - In 1999, we helped produce 12 monthly Festivals around New York City, called “Countdown to the Millenium” leading up to New Year's Eve 1999/2000. Music Talent Buyer staff, Production Buyer staff, Marketing & Advertising staff, Co-Stage & Co-Production Manager. Venue Scout & Venue Selection Consultant. Supplied Music & Lasers.  Featured regulars,
DJ Frankie Bones and over 250 other music acts. 

Official Nintendo PlayStation 2 Release Party.  Asbury Park Convention Center, NJ.  <10,000 guests. KRS-One, Stuck on Earth.  We actually had 20+ game systems inside a full size arcade enclosure.  Lasers & Logo Projections.  

School District of Philadelphia - Grand Hank’s “The Science of Philadelphia TV Show”
1997 to Present

The City of Charlottesville VA - 2017 New Years Eve - Built & Designed Entire Show Time Line for Audio, Lighting, and Lasers for a 10 hour long event from 3:00pm to 1:00am at the Sprint Pavilion Amphitheater / Ting Pavillion Amphitheater. We were the only performer for 10 hours.  Pre-Recorded Music, different Genre each hour.

Madison Square Garden 2018 - Timbiriche Concert - NY State Laser Safety Officer + PERMIT
HOLDER for another laser company from California.

PlayStation Theater - Times Square New York City - Laser Company & Pyrotechnics Permit Holder. 5,000 seats.

Live Nation

  • Power House 1999 - Power 99 FM - Wells Fargo Center - Busta Rhymes Puff Daddy, and others. Lasers.​
  • Power House 2001 - Power 99 FM - Wels Fargo Center - Jay Z, Beanie Segal, Freeway, Jah Rule, Ashanta. Lasers.
  • ​Q102 - Live Broadcast w/ Rocco Cima - 2001 to 2003 - 930 N. Delaware Ave.  Monthly or weekly Lasers.
  • Jingle Ball 2011 - Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, Cobra StarshipLMFAO, BTR Big Time Rush, Joe Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, All Time Low, Flo Rider, Gym Class Heros, Patrick Stump, and David Guetta. Lasers.

Port of Lake Erie - Liberty Park & Highmark Amphitheater, Erie, PA 2017 -  Performed Lasers in the daylight, as we always do, and no other company does, w/ low power 1/4 watt lasers.  Co-Stage Band Manager, Think Pink Floyd. 10,000 guests.


PennyPack Music Festival - The City of Philadelphia & Fairmount Park System - 2014 to 2018 - Season Finale -
Low power 1/4 watt Lasers, Co-Stage & Band Management.  Think Pink Floyd, 8,000 guests. 
"Best of Philadelphia 2016 Free Concert Series" - Philadelphia Magazine 

Club Life NYC + Suite 450 Phila 2002 to 2004 - Brokered the deal to liquidate, and purchase the entire contents of Club Life in NYC, and move the contents to Philadelphia from  Woodstock 94's Festival-In Festival Producer of Ravestock, DJ Scotto.   (In addition, DJ Scotto is also involved with the annual Christmas lighting on the White House lawn, in Washington DC.) This included a 100,000 watt Apogee Sound System, the same system used at the Grammy Ceremonies, the entire lighting rig, truss, and millions of dollars worth of Napoleonic Era Art. Almost immediately after construction, the venue was selected to be the TV set for NFL and NBA post game TV shows.

NFL + NBA Post Game TV Shows 2002 to 2003 - Audio & Light engineer for NFL + NBA Post Game TV Show for Eagles Quarterback Donovin Mcnabb, and 76’ers Allen Iverson at 450 N. 6th St Phila.  We used to hook up 20 microphones for multiple Television Networks, master mixing inside sound system, and focus all the lights white on the TV set. We were the house tech, and the NFL and NBA rented our venue to be their TV Studio for the season. This is the same venue mentioned above, which I brokered the deal for the purchase of all the entire contents.

Reebok And1 official shoe release for NBA Philadelphia 76'ers Allen Iverson -    Provided laser logo projections in the year 2002, or whatever it was at the same venue mentioned above.  This was sort of a big deal at the time, b/c we were using high power 5.5 watt diodes outdoors on 110 volts, that didn't need water. They're were maybe only a few people in the world doing this, and having this technology.  We've done it before with lasers forever, but they were either water cooled, or low power gas, HeNe and Argon / Krypton at about 1/2 watt air cooled.

Budweiser Anheuser Busch - Beverage Retailers Convention 2007 - Atlantic City NJ - Anheuser Busch family of brands Laser Logo Projections.  Water Cooled Lasers.

​Jagermeister & Grey Goose - Laser Logo Projections 1999 -  This may have been our very 1st client to hire us for just logos.  Top Dog NJ. 

Absolute Vodka - Golden Nugget Casino - Atlantic City, NJ 2016 - Laser Projections at Haven Nightclub for the Vodka brand.  The casino then re-hired us about 10 more times seperately for themselves.

NASCAR Dominion Raceway 2017 - Laser Show with Think Pink Floyd

​Video -

​Battleship New Jersey BBNJ Museum & Memorial 2011 -  Outdoor LASER Show

Nissan Mexico - Hawaii 2015 - Provided multiple Lasers outdoors, coordinated with the FAA & Coast Guard. 

Red Bull Rock n' Air - Red Rocks Amphitheater - Boulder, Colorado 2001 -  Provided (3) three spectra physics 171 Laser Systems inside (1) one projector, water cooled, 3 phase 480 volts, 8 feet long, over the grounds which included the stage, Ampitheater seating of 9,500 outdoors, and the grounds which had constructed a half pipe where skater Tony Hawk performed the 920 for the 3rd time in his life, alongside BMX biker Matt Hoffman, and music by 311, Pennywise, the Long Beach Dub All Stars, and others. A 300 foot snowboard ramp was constructed which collapsed just before opening.  We were told by the venue manager, "This is best laser show I have ever seen." This was the 1st time Red Bull produced an event inside the USA.

MLB Philadelphia Phillies Post Game Concerts - Lasers inside the Stadium after games.

Executive Producer -
3D EDM Festival  2012 - Rented the Citizens Bank Ballpark Stadium Parking Lot at the Holiday Inn. Headliner was DJ Scotto - who produced the Ravestock EDM mega festival -in- festival that debuted at Woodstock 94 that had an attendance of 555,000 estimated. In addition, DJ Scotto is also involved with the annual Christmas lighting on the White House lawn, in Washington DC.  Hired Police, Medics, Security that are also off duty US ARMY personnel. Executive Talent Buyer, Marketing, Accounting, Pay Roll, etc..  Executive Producer.

20 years experience hiring, sub-contracting, and working along side and next to pyrotechnics & fireworks indoors & outdoors. Building different types of pyro, and the Chemistry inside. Hired in the past, in December of 2019, the pyrotechnics company responsible for New York City Times Square New Years Eve for over 40 years.

Experience working along with WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Royal Rumble, and have stood on stage on top of over 100+ mortar explosives on LIVE TV, with projectile pyro attached to a metal line hooked to the Wells Fargo Center roof that shoots down to us and explodes on our work area on stage for WWE. They were basically shooting pyro down, instead of up. VIDEO -


“The Weeknd” After Hours Til Dawn Tour 2022, at Lincoln Financial Field - 80,000 guests.
Disassembled Sound, Lights, Decor, Steel. Worked with crane operators & riggers to lower towers. 35+ trucks.

PA Governor Shapiro - 2022 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election

The American College of Rheumatology Convention - 2022 Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education -  

Show build, various departments in the Convention Hall, and sub-rooms at the Philadelphia Convention Center. One of 2 show techs / operators for physician continuing education. Trade Booth builds. Stage, Audio, and Video. I uploaded content from a network into a Panasonic 12k laser video projector w/ reverse throw lenses siting at 1 ft from the screen on the floor, projecting onto a 20 ft screen, with the ceiling lights on full power 100%.  Let me repeat this, this is a LASER. The Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia encompasses 1 million sq ft of space total, and spans over 4+ entire City blocks.



Were in the process posting old posters on YouTube when we were really busy, as we take you back thru history and transition through the turn of the century and the start of Electronic Dance Music Festivals as we know it today. We have some of the funniest descriptions I ever read. LoL - P.A.W.N. LASERS - + LaserLightShow.ORG

To see the images go to our "Community" tab on YouTube.

Or Visit Linkedin


South Beach Miami, Florida -

On Saturday, March 25th, 2000 from Noon to 11pm, DVOX Magazine, Play Nightclub, in association with MTV AMP & Coolworld are proud to present the Ultra 2000 Global Beach Music Festival on Miami's World Famous South Beach, at 21st Street and the Atlantic Ocean. This will be the largest US ocean side showcase of electronic dance music in the United States, while being simulcast globally in live streaming video via the internet to the entire World!


Ultra 2000 will also be showcasing the world's most Futuristic Technology. Futuristic Entertainment Technologies will demonstrate the most advance sound, lighting, and laser equipment on the face of the Earth.... All courtesy of Nexo USA, High End Systems, Zenternet, and P.A.W.N. LASERS. AMAIZING 50 WATT YAG LASER - 30 WATT ARGON LASERS - 2 20 WATT WHITE LIGHT LASERS - 5 WATT GREEN ARGON LASER.

- - -
Notes from Louis Capet XXVI -

We worked with, and came in with MTV AMP who sponsored the start up of Ultra Music Festival #2 in 2000. The City of Miami has estimated that Ultra has "generated approximately $995 million of economic impact, with $168 million in 2018 alone."

We were their 1st laser company when the event occurred on the actual Miami Beach, FL, and still to this day probably the only laser company that shot 3 phase 480 volt water cooled lasers on the beach in Miami at the edge of the Ocean. We actually had to bury garden hoses in the sand all the way to a hotel. In addition, still to this day, in the history of Ultra we are probably the only artist to be listed multiple times on the same year's flyer, and also have a full page description.

Florida Zen Festival - Deland, Florida -
Velousia County Fairgrounds - P.A.W.N. LASERS - Handling all the large events up North like the huge Ultraworld parties. Now witness their expertise at ZEN as they bring us several lasers including a full color display. The Volusia County Fairgrounds has been transformed into thee mystical ZEN village. Multiple stages, spiritual advisors, technical displays, love in the air, plus the best in Florida sound, lights, & lasers.

Phoenix, Arizona -
"Let there be LIGHT.... THE EAST COAST LASERS GODS - P.A.W.N. - P.A.W.N. has provided the most memorable laser shows in the history of the North American Dance Music Scene. At Genesis they team up with..."

Keosauqua, Iowa - Ravestock 95 - - "On the Main Stage 360 Degree Laser Imaging Tower by P.A.W.N. (Philadelphia)

Maine -

Baltimore, MD - PANGEA Festival - - The Pikesville Armory is owned & operated by the Maryland National Guard. 20,000 sq. FT. main room! A 40' high cathedral ceiling! A super smooth dance floor! Large Facilities! A 100% legal guarantee! P.A.W.N. Blazing Argon Lasers direct from Philadelphia!

Washington, DC -
Buzz one Year Anniversary at the Capital Ballroom. Join us in celebrating Buzz' one-year anniversary at the Capital Ballroom. It's been a fantastic twelve months during which the DC massive witnessed exclusive international and national talent - both live acts and DJS. We'll be adding some extra touches for this event including PAWN's argon LASER.

Newburgh, NY -

South Beach, Miami Florida - MTV AMP - - RETURN TO THE SOURCE - THE WOMB in association with... MISSION, BEATCAMP, CV COMMUNICATIONS, CDUCTIVE present an evening of... ALL PROCEDES GO TO BENEFIT THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF MIAMI AND EARTH DANCE. The Global Dance Party for Planetary Peace - "Lights by P.A.W.N. LASERS"

Washington, DC - Navy Yard Metro -
Velvet Nation presents a mind-blowing lighting marvel as Sister Evil threatens all of man kind with her "FUTURISTIC LASER' the largest laser light show ever presented in any nightclub anywhere in North America. There will be multiple laser systems in each room (some kinds never seen before) Including the latest in laser technology, color, and computer controlled artificial intelligent laser systems that our government will allow. The show will be provided by PAWN, whose laser shows have been a dominating influence on the American rave culture. Since 1990, PAWN has become the most well-known laser company in the US underground dance scene, and is world famous for their award-winning laser light show.

Washington DC -
P.A.W.N. LASERS - What can we say that has never been said. Over 10 years in the biz and still rockin the lasers. There is no other laser crew that does it better. Tonight, they are bringing out a big beautiful 2 color 3D argon laser show. Bring your sunglasses. Never before have all five of your senses been so overwhelmed by pleasure and overcome by extreme stimulation. After tonight the ringing won't just be in your ears, but your entire body as well! Prepare for SENSORY OVERLOAD! These unconventional techno visualists have joined forces on a mission to control your state of consciousness. They will be providing a technological atmosphere full of LASERS, lights, sound, decor and visuals that will bring to life the surrealism of a technological reality. Be Prepared!

20 W 39th St. New York City 10018 - ALLEGIANCE, NEW YORK WORLD ORDER, 4 FRONT RECORDS & NOKTURNAL SCRATCHIN' FREEKZ PRESENT "bassball" - SPAWN pawn lazerz live lazer pa (1am to 2am) 4 Levels of Sound.

Morristown NJ -
William G. Mennen SPORTS ARENA - 161 East Hanover Ave. 07960 - RINK 80 x 200 / 17,000 SQ FT - EXHIBIT AREA 19,000 SQ FT - P.A.W.N. the ultimate in lasers, will be bringing to us a show that has never before be seen by the East Coast. P.A.W.N.'s 30 watt argon laser will have you will have you wondering where the hell you are!

Connecticut - Collumns of Knowledge Presents - All out Sunshine - P.A.W.N. will be in full effect once again providing their state of the art laser show for your visual experience! Straight out of Philly these guys have been blowing up almost every major event on the East Coast for years, and it'll be a treat to be working with these guys once again!

Absecon, NJ -
S.P.A.W.N. - P.A.W.N. LASERS - The men behind the lasers at the legendary Whistle 2 are coming out front to display their skills in a live performance that will leave you begging for more.

South West Ohio -
2 Massive 50,000 SQ FT Rooms - Arena 2 - Massive LASER show by P.A.W.N. w/ DANCERS.

NYC - New York World Order
NYWO is proudest to present the first annual 4.20 Mega Concert Event - Easter Festival 2000 inside this 120,000 sq ft dome in 1 of the 5 boroughs of NYC. P.A.W.N. is in charge of the brilliance. For EASTERFEST 2000 we asked them to bring the whole arsenal. In our venue there will be plenty of room to play with. Get ready for lasers bouncing off this wall and that wall all the way up to 200 ft.

Ohio Expo Center & State Fair -

P.A.W.N. will be back again to Columbus, Ohio. This time they will showcase their revolutionary P-1 laser projection systems. Witness true 3D laser projections, and travel through P.A.W.N.'s laser warp portals of reality. On 4.20.02, witness the legendary Scotto lighting and P.A.W.N. LASERS as they team up to deliver a powerful and expressive laser and light show performance.

Hartford, Connecticut - VooDoo Festival -
P.A.W.N. LASERS (Philadelphia, PA) will be in the house with the most intense laser show Connecticut has ever seen! This insane laser show at VooDoo will define the new era "Cybertribal" and bring your visual stimulus to the Dark Side of the Moon!

The Amazura Concert Hall 91-12 144 Place, Jamaca Queens NYC - Special International Showcase Featuring DJS from Japan, Spain, Russia, and England!!! AS ALWAYS EXPECT AN UNBEATABLE LASER PERFORMANCE BY PHILLIES PREMIER LASER SPECIALISTS. NO ONE CAN COMPARE TO P.A.W.N. WHEN IT COMES TO LASER SHOWS. WE GOT THE BEST THERE IS.

NJ Zen Festival - Over 130 DJS on 500 Acres -
Open Air Arena - LASERS by PAWN Philadelphia /// SPAWN - - PAWN LASER LABS, Philadelphia PA. Just returning from headlining the Future Festival in Atlanta, Georgia SP.A.W.N. is a show not to be missed. The guys from PAWN are coming in with their biggest show yet including a 30 watt Argon laser. This is a very special trance set for your Audio / Visual enjoyment.

Reading, PA -
"P.A.W.N. LASERS needs no introduction, they have graced stages across the Country with their top-notch production." We have one of the most beautiful areas in Eastern PA. Shearer's Grove, a 50 acre Ranch, for this Festival. There are 5 covered buildings, totaling over 80,000 SQ FT.



Philadelphia -
P.A.W.N. LASERS - Intense laser light show will blow your mind.

Philadelphia, PA -

New Hope PA -
"Amaizing Laser Light Show Extravaganza presented by P.A.W.N."

Pennsauken, New Jersey - South Jersey Expo Center -
Return to the North East corridor's Largest Three Day indoor Electronic Dance Music Festival! - Welcome to the Wonderful World of Whistle! THE VENUE: Over 102,000 Square Feet // THE SOUTH JERSEY CONVENTION CENTER HAS A CAPACITY OF OVER 10,000 PEOPLE.

We will also be bringing in the best lighting programmers from all over the Country. Supercal will be the chief programmer. (Enough said.) LASERS: We will be bringing in P.A.W.N. LASERS for a mind blowing laser show. P.A.W.N. will have many different color lasers running all night long in multiple rooms.

Washington DC Armory -
Join us for the most spectacular day in Ultraworld's 6 year history, an event that truly combines the best that can be offered in sight and sound. In the massive main arena of the DC Armory, we are proud to present a line up that will blow the roof at 100 ft height. The production standard we set at the armory remains unchallenged, yet we continue to strive to be better. If you think our previous armory events looked and sounded good. You ain't seen nothing yet!

The East Coast's premier LASER company


Will dazzle us with a 10 watt argon laser display. They've recently added 3d imaging to their repertoire and will create a psychedelic 3D animated show on giant screens. In addition, a whole slew of mirrors and imaging effects positioned all around the main room.

Over the past two years, thousands of people have enjoyed the musical and production excellence that we have brought to the DC Armory. The space is near perfect, with its massive wooden dance floor, high ceilings, plentiful bathrooms, and efficient door staff that doesn't keep you waiting in line for hours. However, after four events, we felt the space needed something new to keep it fresh, and we found it - the Armory has a basement!

On either side of the main room, huge panels lift out of the floor revealing stairways to a subterranean area of cavernous proportions. The basement ceilings alone are over 30' high, and the best news is, there are walls dividing it into separate areas. Now, for the first time, we are able to present 4 distinct areas of music, for an event that will be one of the most memorable in the history of the East Coast's electronic music scene.

Roanoke, Virginia -
three e productions - all night long :: Philadelphia :: P.A.W.N. will be returning to the area with the latest that lazer technology has to offer :: PAWN will be displaying their high powered 3D lazer light show that will include the most cutting edge lazer graphics & aerial displays :: we will see the SOUND PAWN!

NEW YORK CITY'S PREMEIRE SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX - 220 EAST 138TH ST. THE BRONX, NYC - SYMPTY PRESENTS - COUNTDOWN 2001 #3 - The Key Skate & Dance Center is America's most unique entertainment complex. The 32,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility contains 2 full size wooden skating rinks, a third large party area, and a multi-million dollar, top-of-the-line sound and light system. In addition, there are three separate bathroom areas, a giant hallway with two separate entrances, and a multi-million-gallon coolant and ventilation system.

The COUNTDOWN series continues in Full Force! After making history together by rocking an unprecedented 12 COUNTDOWN installments in 1999, we both knew we wanted to keep the vibe alive. We came together again in the summer of 2000 with COUNTDOWN 2000 and the intensity level was raised even higher. Now we are back and bringing you our best party to date. We have never focused our efforts like this before. We have worked for months putting together a line-up and production that will set a new standard for parties to follow. For anybody that was at COUNTDOWN 4 you know how we transform a skating rink into a total party atmosphere, but this time we are taking it to an even higher level.

We have flown in 7 of the world's best DJs and performers as well as secured the North East's favorite talent. A line-up with these performers has not been replicated for over 5 years (Epic - 1996) and most likely will not be seen again. By far, this is our best line-up of all time.

To compliment a line-up this phenomenal, we have spent thousands of dollars securing the very latest and best in LASERS, lights, visuals, and sound. In the main room alone, there will be over 200 hundred separate lights! For LASER simulation, we will be featuring the North East's largest and most powerful LASER cannon. To the million-dollar state-of-the-art sound system already in the venue, we will be adding additional towers of speakers to ensure and ear-banging treble. We have a professional VJ on staff that will coordinate the giant optical screens to compliment the intensity and vibe of the music. You will experience "total sensory overload."

So, it's time once again to come together as one family and let the COUNTDOWN continue. On March 31, 2001 be prepared because the intensity level is going to go right through the roof!

P.A.W.N. is bringing their entire arsenal to create a truly spectacular Laser Light Show. Get ready for giant 30 watt laser cannons and various smaller laser devices.


Hartford, CT Civic Center - - Columns of Knowledge Presents Alive. - P.A.W.N. LASERS will be bringing in one of the most intense shows we've ever had. Everything else they've done for us has been leading up to this! They've gotten new equipment in the last 6 months so get ready for a show unlike anything you've ever experienced!

Atlanta, Georgia -


Lumberton, NC
GLOBAL 2000 - Electronic Music Festival - Global 2000 will be featured in "Around the World in 80 Raves" a documentary series produced by Rapidotv in London. It will be broadcast in the UK so let's show them what the East Coast has to offer.

P.A.W.N. will be controlling our outdoor airways with a massive outdoor laser show featuring new graphics and projection screens with mirrors & powerful beam alignments making grids in the air. - Enter the Laser Warp Portals.

SPAWN - 1 hour Progressive House Trance Live - They have taken time off to prepare a New Story with Mirror Dancers - Combining PAWN & SPAWN to PAWNSPAWN with their "Laser Light Show Live Music Performance."

Allentown, PA -
3D INTELIGENT LASERS BY P.A.W.N. - Once again PAWN is going to dazzle us with their spectacular, one of a kind, 3-D interactive lazer light show. For our special Easter event they are going to bring their 10 watt full color laser for the main room, plus they will set up two huge silk screens. You will be seeing crazy visions right above your heads all night long.

3 NIGHTS OF MUSIC - 3 AREAS OF DANCING 1 VIBE: UNITED - A GATHERING OF TRIBES IN CELEBRATION OF VERNAL EQUINOX - Celebrate the Vernal Equinox with a few thousand close friends as we kick off the 1st Annual Pangea Festival in Philadelphia. We've added an outdoor area with a 600 person tent to the already amazing venue with state of the art sound & lighting systems bring the full scale of this event to massive capacity! A mind-bending multi-color argon laser light show will be provided by P.A.W.N. all weekend!

Bridgewater, NJ
Building 3E Chimney Rock Rd. First and foremost SYMPTY thanks the TRUE ravers that come and support and dance their asses off. We also want to thank: all the DJ's, promoters and people that have believed in us from the beginning; the live performers coming out bringing this night to only a level they can bring it to; our special guest Lenny Dee as well as the rest of the DJ's that will be part of this historical event; PAWN LASERS for them being them and keeping it real.

SPAWN's live pa is more than a performance it is a transportation to another realm. For the past few years SPAWN has gained recognition through their show's nationwide. When S.P.A.W.N. comes on and combines with P.A.W.N. LASERS and CYBERQUESTS dance performance it is an experience not to be missed. Come and SEE THE SOUND. The New York City Area will witness live human disco mirror ball girls covered in mirrors dancing with lasers bouncing off of them from the main stage laser systems.

On April 3rd, 1999 SYMPTY brings you the 4th installment of the COUNTDOWN to the MILLENIUM parties leading you to the next century!!! For the 1st time EVER in the United States, SYMPTY EXCLUSIVELY brings you 25 watts of the most powerful full color laser light show ever combined with a European decor all under one roof. This will be history in the making. You have never experienced anything like this before - 14 hours of total sensory overload. So as the COUNTDOWN continues PREPARE TO INTENSIFY.

Mays Landing, NJ
Watering Hole, - 540 Acres of Dancing Space. 20,000 person capacity, Two Circus Tents. 45 DJS. "Lasers provided by P.A.W.N. LASERS."

Atlanta, GA. -
"Lasers: Most incredible 3D graphics & mirrors P.A.W.N. Philly"

The Key Roller Skate & Dance Center - 220 East 138th Street. Bronx, NY 10451 Over ten years of experience has brought PAWN international recognition. They will be returning to New York City again to showcase their P1 laser projection systems. Utilizing the latest in laser technology, P.A.W.N. is known for providing powerful and expressive productions. Come witness true 3D laser productions, and travel through P.A.W.N.'s laser warp portals of reality.

New York City -
"Once again P.A.W.N. will be bringing out their insane memorizing lasers."

West Chester University, PA -
Outer Limits Productions breathes new life into the scene by bringin' you the highly anticipated 'HUCKELBUCK.' Their bad-ass lineup of headliner DJs along with ridiculously sick lazers by the infamous visual masters "P.A.W.N." and intensely kicken' sound system, and lighting.

Philadelphia, PA -
The legend of Philadelphia. Multi-talented artist Joe Reese (P.A.W.N.) and Justyn Tyme have been tearing up dance floors up and down the East coast and tonight they will be performing their unique mix of trance and extremely intense house complete with interactive lasers further enhanced by the visual intelligence of Cyberquest (Washington, D.C.) Tonight you will see why they are quickly becoming the top independent performance artist in the Eastern United States.

As for the venue itself, the inside & grounds will be completely morphed by the crew at P.A.W.N. LASERS and CYBERQUEST. PAWN will be showcasing their next generation, intelligent 3D laser system. At the heart of it is a 10 watt, full color, 3-D laser (which itself does justice) But on this night we'll be expanding it further to include two pheripherial laser systems to add extra ??? This will be interacting with the art / visual effects brought up by Cyberquest of D.C. who's art, projections, European decor and alien flair will help kick the surrealism in.

- - - -
Notes from Louis Capet XXVI
So, what their talking about there in the last sentence, we use to travel with a company that hung like 20 to 40 custom disco balls... and, that was a big part of the laser show. They also danced covered in mirror balls glass.

Central Ohio
P.A.W.N./S.P.A.W.N. - FIRST MID WEST APPEARANCE EXCLUSIVE for TRI QUAD. Performing a Live Trance PA with an enhanced interactive 3D Laser Light Show. Also, CyberQuest will decorate the stage to optify our positive environment, so prepare yourselves to be transported into another dimension where the sound is colorful, and we can feel the light! THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO SEE THIS SHOW, FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT IS SPECIALLY FORMULATED!

Philadelphia -
This Bizarre Multimedia / Laser Company from the 5th Dynasty of Brotherly Love will Elevate your Subconscious State and Open the Gate to Hip Hop and Lasers.


10 years ago we built 175 VEGAN groups on facebook, based on the most populated cities around the world. Today the groups have grown to 125,000 members, with 10,000 Daily Visitors.


Over the past 10 years these vegan groups have helped to influence change on a global scale such as:

  • Assisted in making all 11 hospitals in NYC convert to a Plant Based Meal as being the 1st & "default" meal option. Sept 29, 2022.  PRESS RELEASE
  • Created marriages for hundreds of vegan couples.
  • Saved the lives of billions of animals.
  • Converted thousands of carnivores & vegetarians into vegans.

These groups are moderated by a team of volunteers who ensure that only relevant and valuable content is shared. With over 200 cities represented, these vegan groups continue to make a positive impact and are an essential resource for those looking to join the vegan community.

vegan movement has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with more people than ever before choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle. This is largely due to the rise of social media, which has enabled vegan activists to reach a much wider audience.

The success of these
vegan Facebook groups is a testament to the power of social media, and the impact it can have on the vegan movement. These groups have become a hub for vegan activists, providing a platform for them to share their stories, recipes, advice, and events.

These groups have also been instrumental in helping to convert thousands of people to
veganism. Through their posts and discussions, they have been able to educate and inform people about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and the impact it can have on the environment and animal welfare. Through their work, they have been able to save the lives of billions of animals, and help to create a more sustainable future.

Vegan Los Angeles- 6,500 members
Beijing China Vegan - 5,000 members
Vegan Houston - 6,000 members
Vegan Boston Massachusetts - 6,500 members
Vegan Denver Colorado - 3,500 members
Vegan Colorado Springs CO - 4,000 members
Vegan Raleigh NC - 3,000 members
Vegan Louisville KY- 3,000 members
Vegan Charlotte NC - 3,000 members
Berlin Germany Vegan - 2,500 members
Vegan Washington DC - 2,000 members
Vegan Atlanta GA - 2,000 members
Vegan Minneapolis MN - 2,000 members
Vegan San Antonio TX - 2,000 members
Vegan Austin TX - 1,000 members
Vegan Phoenix AZ - 1,000 members
Vegan Philadelphia - 1,000 members
Vegan Omaha NE - 1,000 members
Vegan San Francisco - 1,000 members
Vegan Miami FL - 1,000 members
Vegan Las Vegas - 3,500 members

Vegan Chicago - 3,500 members



Rent Lasers

We have built up one of the largest publishing & distributing partners in the music industry totaling over 300+ channels in our portfolio including outlets such as music stores, radio, TV, exercise equipment, Jukeboxes,  audio fingerprinting, & licensing: 

Shazam So in Love in stores Summer 2018 - mainstream dance, club music, top 40 pop culture, electronic dance music, rave music, edm music, progressive house music, big room house music.

Past Events + Venues we did a Laser Light Show:

(Partial List)

Most locations we visited more than 1 time, and some were close to 10 times.

Progressive Trance Music
Laser Show with Think Pink Floyd
visit philadelphia - Best Event - Louis Capet XXVI Outdoor Movie

Philadelphia STYLE Magazine

This is an article about the first VIP bottle service lounge in Philadelphia, in which we brokered the deal for the liquidation of the entire Club Life in New York City.  During it's tenure, it contained several million dollars worth of Napoleonic Era Art.

Laser Billboard - Snoop Dogg with Linken Park, Jay Z, and Ghostface Killah (7 times) on the 2004 Project Revolution US Tour where we projected the first ever cell phone mass text messaging to send and receive mass SMS text messages which is widely used in advertising today. In our first seven case studies, we received & sent about an average of 3,750 interactive cell phone text messages in one time with a crowd of 35,000 guests. The below photograph, is true and was taken at Darien Lake Amphitheater - Darien Center, NY in the summer of 2004.
Louis Capet XXVI | Laser Shows | Music Publisher | Record Label | Event Producer - One of the longest operating "Laser Show" + EDM Entertainment Companies in America. Leader in Entertainment.
Times West Virginia Laser Show with Think Pink Floyd

To See all the different Concert Posters Visit "Community" tab on YouTube. - or -

NetEase Music China 网易云音乐 edm
CBS 3 Grand Opening City Hall Philadelphia
USA Today's TOP 10 Weird things dropping on New Year's Eve - Louis Capet XXVI Laser Show
CBS + Fox New Years Eve Laser Light Show
classical music
Mtv at Ultra Music Festival Laser Light Show Company
MLB Laser Show
Louis Capet XXVI | Laser Shows | Music Publisher | Record Label | Event Producer - One of the longest operating "Laser Show" + EDM Entertainment Companies in America. Leader in Entertainment.

Magazine + Newspaper


Who's Wedding is it anyway? Style Network Laser Light Show by Louis Capet XXVI
Dubstep, Bass House Heavy Bass Music, Trap Music, Trap Beats, and EDM, Rave Music, Electro, Electronic Dance Music
Wawa Welcome America
Laser Light Show on WWE World Wrestling Entertainment Royal Rumble
Vocal edm Electronic Dance Music
Best Laser Show Rental Company USA
Amazon Music Louis Capet XXVI edm Music Publishing
ASCAP Louis Capet XXVI Music Publishing American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
vegan facebook groups
  • MTV Amp (TV series)

  • MTV News

  • Ultra Music Festival - 2000 #2, 2002 #4, 2004 #6 - We worked with, and came in with MTV AMP who sponsored the start up of Ultra Music Festival #2 in 2000. The City of Miami has estimated that Ultra has "generated approximately $995 million of economic impact, with $168 million in 2018 alone."  

  • Hack (TV series) w/ David Morse

  • Girls Gone Wild (franchise) (Philadelphia episode)

  • FUSE Network - Josh Wink "516 Acid" music video

  • 6 ABC Action News WPVI-TV

    • Grand Hank  - The Magic And Wonders of STEM for the Philadelphia School District 

    • Disney Frozen Outdoor Screening at Welcome America for the City of Philadelphia Fourth of July 10 day Celebration for America's Birthday

  • Audio engineer for NBA PostGame Shows with Philadelphia 76'ers Allen Iverson at 450 North 6th Phila PA, from 2001 to 2003.

  • Audio engineer for NFL PostGame Shows with Philadelphia Eagles Donovan Mcnabb at 450 North 6th Phila PA, from 2001 to 2003.

* We are a VEGAN company & do NOT approve the use of the "leather" used in sports.


  • Louis Capet XXVI Laser Light Shows  is near one of the longest running Laser Light Show companies in the USA since 1997, controlling lasers on a "computer" and manufacturing projectors. (Not including Planetariums, Disney World, etc.)  Our laser shows have been on stage with artists from all over the world, in 28 of the 50 USA States, Hawaii, Canada, The Virgin Islands, and Central America. 

  • EVENTS  - We have a long history of self-producing our own events, such as the 3D EDM Festival which occurred at the MLB Philadelphia Phillies parking lot of Citizens Bank Park Stadium at the Holiday Inn Hotel & South 10th St.  Philadelphia, PA. The headliner was DJ Scotto who produced the Ravestock EDM mega festival -in- festival that debuted at Woodstock 94 that had an attendance of  555,000 estimated. DJ Scotto is also involved with the annual Christmas lighting on the White House lawn, in Washington DC.  

Rent Lasers - Louis Capet XXVI - www.LaserLightShow.ORG
  • Starzik
  • Stryde Katana Fitness
  • Sultn
  • Tidal
  • Tik Tok
  • TouchTunes
  • Trackitdown
  • Tradiio​
  • United Media Agency (UMA)
  • VEVO
  • Weyv
  • whatpeopleplay
  • ​Within Virtual Reality
  • Wynk Music
  • (Russia)
  • Yonder Music (Malaysia)
  • YouTube Content ID
  • YouTube RED
  • Zonga Romania (Medianet)

+ Many More


                         Louis Capet XXVI                      


   Industry:               Entertainment
   Headquarters:      Philadelphia, PA.   USA

   Owner:                  Matt Falcone

   Area served:         Worldwide

  Laser Shows
Music Publishing

                                   Music Licensing
Record Label
Laser Billboards
Music Videos 

                                   Event Producer

                                   Vegan Food Magazine

Hack (TV series) w/ David Morse Lighting Supervisor

Lunar Magazine

"P.A.W.N brings out some of the best & brightest lasers I've ever seen, many people completely turned their backs to DJ booth to be mesmerized by the lasers." 

Mixer Magazine

"...I spent the majority of  my night inside P.A.W.N.'s lights."   

Projection, Lights, & Staging News

Philadelphia Daily News & The Philadelphia Inquirer

...discusses in an interview with Matt Falcone,  how his event 3D-EDM at Citizen's Bank Park Stadium Parking Lot, included a technology they call "3D Free Space Holography" in which viewers can see 3D images floating in the air with out the use of special 3D glasses by projecting laser light; and that they are the only Movie Theater in the world with this technology."  The headliner was DJ Scotto who produced the Ravestock EDM mega festival -in- festival that debuted at Woodstock 94 that had an attendance of 555,000 estimated. The movies shown were based around his life.

Cleaveland Scene Newspaper -

“... with a light show that we hear is equal to a UFO landing. P.A.W.N. Lasers have worked with the likes of World Wrestling Entertainment, MTV, JÄGERMEISTER, Reebok, Nissan Mexico, and the Air Craft Carrier USS Intrepid in New York City. They have toured the nation for over a decade bringing an authentic musical experience for Pink Floyd fans everywhere.”

Visit Philadelphia -

Philadelphia Magazine -

WINNER - 2016 "BEST Free Concert Series" - "The Pennypack Park Music Festival... The Season Finale includes Think Pink Floyd"

USA Today 2015 + 2023 Top 10 Best New Year's Eve Events

2015 - “USA Today's TOP 10 Weird things dropping on New Year's Eve, # 13 Kennett Square, Pa. An 8 ft., 500-pound sparkling mushroom will drop with a LASER Light Show in what's known as the "Mushroom Capital of the World.”

2023 - Midnight in the Square in this Pennsylvania town culminates with the annual Mushroom Drop. That’s because Kennett Square produces more than half of the country’s mushrooms. A 700-pound electric mushroom is lowered at midnight while the crowd traditionally sings Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”
“The epic Wawa Welcome America festivals brings four free outdoor movie screenings ...”

Wall Street Journal

"Dolce & Gabbana..."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

  (Front Page)

"Disney Frozen..."

CAAR Real Estate Weekly  (Charlottesville, Virginia)  01/04/17  (Front Page)

iHeart Radio Electronic Dance Music

Author Sandra Nomoto of "Vegan Marketing Success Stories" Talks about our Vegan Facebook Groups.

Future House & Future Bass Music - Electronic Dance Music
History of Lasers
Ultra Music Festival Laser Light Show Company
Classical Music
Disney Froze Outdoor Movie Theater by Louis Capet XXVI Laser Light Show Rentals

Visit   Laser Light Shows   to see Different Information.

The Map Below Shows Locations We Have Performed. Some, ...Multiple Times, & The List is Not Complete.

Rent Laser Light Show
NBA Post Game Press
Louis Capet XXVI | Laser Shows | Music Publisher | Record Label | Event Producer - One of the longest operating "Laser Show" + EDM Entertainment Companies in America. Leader in Entertainment.
Girls Gone Wild Laser Show
- Ohio State Fair & Expo Center - Celeste Center
   > Run DMC -
- TriQuad Prod. - Dedication Festival - Cincinnati
- City of Barberton Ohio, Lake Anna Summer Concert Series
- Beachland Ballroom - Cleaveland, OH

- Fort Washington Expo Center - Ft. Washington, PA
   > Local 13 Present's  - Let's Start Dancing
- Valley Forge Convention Center - Circle Talent - it 
- Mt Airy Lodge - Mount Pocono, PA
   > G.O. Presents - Techno Nation
- Sport land of America - Rt. 1 & Oxford Valley Rd.
- Maennerchor Fairgrounds - Doylestown, PA 
- Digital Movement - Exodus 3 - Lancaster, PA
- The Freight Yard - Cory St - Allentown, PA
- Unity Summer Solstice Gathering - Pittsburgh, PA
- Jay Cook Hall - 611 & Ashbourne Rd. - Elkins Park, PA
- Metron Nightclub - 400 S. Cameron St.  - Harrisburg, PA
- Fun Entertainment Center - Edgely Rd. - Bristol, PA
- Shearer's Grove 50 Acre Ranch - Goose Ln. N of Reading
- Big Wheel Roller Skating Rink - East Stroudsburg, PA 
   > CU Entertainment + Universal Groove
- Santooga Roller Rink - 3139 W. Ridge Pike - Pottstown
- Starlight Drive In Movie Theater - State College, PA
- West Chester YMCA - 501 E. Miner St.
- Council Rock High School - 62 Swamp Rd. - Newtown, PA
- Club Zadar - 50 S. Main St. - New Hope, PA 
   > 11/24/2000 + 11/23/2000
- Grace Hall - Bethlehem, PA - University Productions
- ArtsQuest Center at the Steel Stacks - Bethlehem, PA
   > Carter3 Presents -
Krewella  - VIDEO
   > University Productions -
Brillz + Floostradamus
- Colonial Theater - Phoenixville, PA - Think Pink FLoyd
- The Royal Worthington Grand Opening -
- The WaterLoft Building, Chester, PA
- The City of Kennett Square
- Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA
- Hogs Hallow Music Festival
- South Park Amphitheater, Pittsburgh PA
- Liberty Park Amphitheater - Lake Erie, PA - VIDEO
- Veterans Memorial Park Broomall Marple Township Festival
- - Greensburg, PA

- Hibernia Park - 100th Anniversary Boy Scouts - Chester PA PICS, VIDEO

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- City Hall Philadelphia - Grand Opening Dilworth Park
    > Movie Theater -
- The Blue Horizon Boxing Ring - 1314 N. Broad St.     
- Babylon Night Club - 1001 Delaware Ave.
- Adam Bennett + DJ Excell
- Emerald City - LIT Ultra Bar -  460 2nd St  -Phila, PA
   > Matt Falcone + Noel Zayas PRESENT:
      >> The Ivory Party  w/  Junior Vasquez
- Citizen's Bank Park Stadium (inside)

   > MLB Philadelphia Phillies Post Game Concerts - PICS
- Outside Citizen's Bank Park Stadium + Holiday Inn
   > Matt Falcone PRESENTS:  3D EDM Festival

         >> News Article Phila Inquirer
- Wells Fargo Center - 76'rs Stadium
   > Live Nation Presents - Power 99 Power House Concert

   > iHeartRadio  Q102  Jingle Ball
The National Constitution Center - 6th & Arch.
   >  Sapphire Funds Presents -
- African American Historical & Cultural Museum
- Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard - Cruise Ship Terminal
- The Phila Naval Business Center - 1 S. Broad St.
- University of the Arts - Hamilton Hall
   > LGBT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
- Temple University - Phila, PA - Sping Fling
   > DJ Kid Capri
+ Rob Base + DJ E Rock
- The Ritz-Carlton - Broad St. - Avenue of the Arts
- Felton Super Club - 4800 Rising Sun Ave.
- The Electric Factory - 7th St.
   > Eternal Productions Presents: Infinity
   > substitution & g**die g**die Present :
       >> SUTPEN'S JUNGLE     
- TLA Theater - South St.
   > Fathead + Rob Paine 
   > Fathead + Princes of Babylon 
- The Legendary Dobb's - South St.
- Trocadero Theater - 10th & Arch St.
   > Flight  1, Flight 2
   > Philadelphia City Paper - Style Warz
- Transit Night Club - 600 Spring Garden
   >  Oscar G
- Pure NightClub - 1221 St. James St.
- Olive Branch Restaurant
- The Eight Floor - Delaware Ave
   > Scott Payne
   > Louie Devito
- Evolution Night club -  Delaware Ave.
- Club Fever - 1229 Chestnut St.
   > New World -  Spun + THC + New World Media Present:
     >> ReBirth of New World
     >> New World 2
     >> New World 3
- Club Genesis
- The Actors Center - The Bourse Building - 5th & Market
- Palmer Social Club - 601 Spring Garden St.
- Shampoo Night Club - 7th St.
- Space Night Club - 953 N. Front St.
- Envy Night Club - 27 Bank St.
   > Cheyne Christian (NY)
   > LTJ Bukem + MC Conrad
- Chrome / Roxxy / Baja Beach / Aztek / Bamboo / Flirt
   > 953 N. Front St. - Various Nights - Q102 Broadcast
   > RaveGear Presents: St. Patrick's Day
- Suite 450 / BASH - 450 N. 6th St.
- Flow Night Club & The Cave - 700 N. Delaware Ave.
- Voyeur Night Club
    > George Acosta
    > Alex Lauterstein
- The New Millennium Center - 20 N. 40th St.
- Zen Festival Tour - Philadelphia, PA
- Maximum Nightclub - 3589 Arimingo Ave.
- Goosebumps Lounge - 7th & South St.
- 1616 Lounge - 1616 Locust St. - Rittenhouse Sq. Area.
   > Noel Zayas Presents - Alex Lauterstein  Returns
- Space is the Place - Front St. &  i95 - Northern Liberties
   > Intrinzik, Maximum, Matter Magazine - Shine Festival
   > Verteks Presents - Tic Toc New Years Eve
   > Return to the Source - EarthDance Gloabal Festival
- Tilden Middle School
- Bartum High School
- Overbrook High School
- Leeds Middle School
- University City High School
- The Warwick Hotel - Rittenhouse Square
The Science Lab of Grand Hank (Multiple Locations)
- Rittenhouse Square -
Mayor Michael Nutter Wawa Welcome America
- The Philadelphia Museum of Art - 

   > ROCKY  - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 + WCAU NBC
- RobinHood Dell Amphitheater -
- Franklin Square - Disney Frozen -
- Tendenza Event Center - Northern Liberties Piazza
- Starlight Ball Room - aka - District N9ne

Drexel University Armory - 23rd St Armory
- 1st District Plaza - 38th & Market St.
- The Bellview at the Hyatt - Avenue of the Arts - Broad St.
- Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts -
- The Piazza at Schmidt's -  New Years Eve -
- The Pennsylvania Convention Center -
The School District of Philadelphia - (Multiple Locations)
- Budweiser Made in America Festival - JFK Parkway
- Rumor Night Club - 1500 Samson St.
- Ed Kelly Amphitheater - PennyPack -
- Kung Fu NeckTie - Front St.
- Fireside Tavern - 6th & Oregon Ave.
- Coda Nightclub - Rittenhouse Sq.
- SoundGarden Hall
- Tustin Rec Center & Park
- South Philly Bar & Grill - 1235 Passyunk Ave.
- Drexel University -
    >Comcast Spectacore Phila Fusion Overwatch - Pics
- McPherson Square Park & FREE Library of Philadelphia

South Carolina
- Blanding Street Club - Blanding St. & Barnwell - Columbia
- University of South Carolina

- Nashville Cares - Predators Gaylord Center
- Jordan Arena - Tombar & Ringgold Rd. - Chattanooga
   > Fidelity Flip Resents - Cirque De Luna Festival
- Mid South Fairgrounds -  Airways N. Rd. - Memphis, TN
- Downtown Rafters - 410 State of Franklin. Johnson City
- Club Kaya - 1068 Peachtree St. - Chattanooga, TN

- Valley Center Arena - Salem Turnpike - Roanoke VA
- The Top Floor - Downtown Roanoke, VA
   > Three E Presents -  Sandra Collins 
   > Three E Presents -  Bad Boy Bill
- Tarara Winery 25th Anniversary - 
PICS  - Leesburg, VA
- Hampden Sydney Chi Phi Fraternity, Farmville VA
- NASCAR Dominion Raceway Groove Music Hall - VIDEO
- Sprint Charlottesville Amphitheater - CBS News Video - Concert Audio

Virgin Islands
- Caribbean Saloon - St. Thomas, VI

Washington DC
- DC Armory
- RFK Stadium -  2001 E. Capital St SE - Washington, DC
- The Eleventh Hour - NW Washington, DC
- The Capital Ballroom - 1015 half St. SE - Washington, DC
- The Edge Night Club - 56 L St. SE  - Washington, DC
- Tracks 2000 Nightclub - 111 First St. SE  - DC
- The DC Tunnel - 2135 Queen Chapel Rd. NE  - Wash, DC
   >  DC SKillz Presents:  GAZM! - 8/24/2002
- Lulu Cafe - 1217 22nd St. NW  - Washington, DC
- Badass Raves Presents - Get Laid 3 - 2/14/2014
- Nation - Buzz Life - 1015 Half St. SE  - Washington, DC
   > Scott Henry Presents - BUZZ -  Carl Cox
   > Scott Henry Presents - BUZZ - 1 Year Anniversary
   > Club FIVE - The Triangle - Washington, DC
- DC Eagle - Distrkt C
- Gallaudet University - 800 Florida Ave.  - Washington, DC
- 2016 Gay Pride Parade & Distrikt C
- Eden Lounge

West Virginia

- West Virginia University - MainStage Morgantown, WV
- Palentine Park Amphitheater - Fairmount, WV
- Hazel Ruby Mcquain Amphitheater - Morgantown, WV
Wall Street Journal - Dolce & Gabbana & Louis Capet XXVI
dubstep & Hybrid Trap Music
Rent Lasers
NetEase Music China 网易云音乐 edm
electro music pandora
Rent Lasers
Laser Light Show | Music Publisher | Record Label
Dubstep, Bass House & Heavy Bass Music, Trap Music, Trap Beats, and EDM, Rave Music, Electro, Electronic Dance Music

Louis Capet XXVI Music  Publishing

 Tours & Festivals

soundcloud louis capet xxvi records

Music Genres

edm Electronic Dance Music
  • Niche Stream
  • Noiseporn
  • nMusic
  • OraStream
  • Open Lab
  • Pandora
  • Peloton Bike
  • ​Peloton Tread
  • Precision Run
  • Promo Only
  • Pulselocker
  • PYRO (China)
  • Pono Music
  • ROXI
  • Rhapsody
  • Shazam
  • Sirius XM
  • Singa Karaoke
  • ​SoulCycle
  • SoundCloud
  • ​SnapChat
  • Spinlet (Africa)
  • Spotify
Progressive House Music
Disney Frozen Philadelphia Inquirer Article about Louis Capet XXVI Outdoor Movie Theater
Rent Lasers

LUX LifeStyle Magazine

#1 in the USA - October 2019 for 2020

"Best Laser Show Rental Company in America."

Rent Lasers
Rent Lasers
Laser Light Show Company - www.LaserLightShow.ORG - Louis Capet XXVI | Laser Shows | Music Publisher | Record Label | Event Producer - One of the longest operating "Laser Show" + EDM Entertainment Companies in America. Leader in Entertainment.
2038 Grant Ave.  Philadelphia, PA 19115  |  MF@LaserLightShow.ORG  |  (215) 888-8080
Louis Capet XXVI    | MusicPublishing   |   Record Label   |   Laser Shows  |  Event Producer
Rent Laser Light Show
Josh Wink "516 Acid" Official Music Video for Fuse TV Network with Louis Capet XXVI Laser Show
Best of Philly - Philadelphia Magazine - Best Outdoor Free Summer Festival
- US ARMY Redstone Test Center - Redstone Arsenal, AL

Costa Rica
- Grand Opening of Lake Arena Hotel
- Club El Teatro - San Jose, CR

Red Rock Amphitheater -  Bolder, Colorado
   > Mountain Productions International  - Red Bull Rock n Air 

- The Ranch -  25 miles N of Los Angeles
Green Sector Concerts 5 Year Ann. w/ Cosmosis (UK)

- Meadows Music Center & Amphitheater - Hartford, CT
Project Revolution Tour - Multiple Stops
- Hartford Civic Center - Hartford, CT
   > Collumn's of Knowledge Presents - Alive
- West Indian Ball Room - Hartford, CT
   > Sympty Productions Presents - COUNTDOWN 9
   > Columns of Knowledge Presents - VooDoo
- The Globe - Norwalk, CT
- Shubert Theater - New Haven, CT
   >  Retro Live Presents - Robbie Wycoff's Pink Floyd

- Boys & Girls Club - Greenwich CT - PICS, VIDEO

- The Big Kahuna - 550 S. Madison St. Wilmington 12/22/01
   > Education Festival - DJ Darin Taviano - WVUD 91.3 FM

- Milton Theater, Rehoboth Beach -  PICS

- Bay Front Park & Amphitheater - Downtown Miami, FL
   > Ultra Music Festival - 2004
   > Ultra Music Festival - 2002
- South Beach Miami - On the beach btwn  9th St. & 19th St.
Ultra Music Festival - 2000
- Martin County Fairgrounds - A1A & Trnpk ex 133 - Stuart, FL
- Club Space - Danny Tenaglia 24HR Marathon - Miami, FL
- The Shellborne Hotel - 1801 Collins Ave. - Miami Beach , FL
   > Acid Flyers + MMI Present Pool Party 

- Club Method - 1201 4th & Ocean Ave. - Melbourne Beach, FL
- The Club - 578 N. Orange Ave. - Orlando, FL
- Mission - 637 Washington Ave. - South Beach Miami, FL
   > Miami Children's Hospital Benefit  - MTV AMP
- Pure Nightclub - 66 W. 6th St. - Downtown Miami, FL
- Maze Nightclub - 1771 West Ave. - Miami Beach, FL
- Bamboo - 530 Washington Ave. - South Beach Miami, FL

- North Atlanta Trade & Convention Center - Atlanta, GA
- Nike Pavilion - Atlanta, GA
   > Liquified Nation
- House of Blues - Atlanta, GA
- The Pavilion - Atlanta, GA
- KikDat Festival
- Henderson's Arena
- The Atrium - 5479 Memorial Dr. - Atlanta, GA
- The Tabernacle Theater - 150 Lucky St.  - Atlanta, GA  
   > Mirage Festival  
   > Moonshine Over America Tour
- Studio Central - 150 Central Ave or Garnett St. - Atlanta, GA
- New Years Eve
- The Hanger - 117 North Park Sq. - Marietta, GA
- Future Festival  -

- Zen Festival Atlanta - Spiritual Movement
- Atrium Event Center - 5479 Memorial Dr.

   > Outer Limits Festival - Stone Mountain, GA 

- Maui, Makena Rd, Kihei, HI -  Sugerman Estate - PICS

- Oak Shores Fairgrounds - 320 acres - Southern Illinois
- Southern, Illinois -  Untranslatable Concepts Present:
    > Interstellar DreamFest

- Paoli Peeks Fairgrounds - Rt. 150 W. Paoli - Indianapolis, IN

- The Garage - 2 Industrial Highway - Portland, ME

- Pikesville Armory - Maryland Army National Guard
- Rage Nightclub - Baltimore, MD
- The Bottom Ground - 401 W. Fayette St. - Baltimore, MD
- The Cave - 2306-2316 Boston St. - Baltimore, MD
- The Paradox - 1310 Russel St. - Baltimore, MD
  > Sunday Mass - 1996
  > Badass Raves Presents - LASER DISCO - 2014 & 2015
- Redwood Trust - 200 Redwood St. - Baltimore, MD
- Sonar - 407 East Saratoga St.-  Baltimore, MD
- Sentient Presents -  Pangaea Festival

- Frederick, MD Animal Sanctuary Rescue Farm

- Tweeter Center Amphitheater - Mansfield, MA
   > Project Revolution Tour - Multiple Stops
- The Wallace Planetarium & Civic Center - Fitchburg, MA
- The Asylum - 1592 Main St. Springfield, MA
- 150th Marshfield Fair, Marshfield, MA  - Video - Pics

- BearCat Getaway Camp Grounds - Lesterville, MO
  > BlackRiver Ampitheater - Arcanum Festival
- Harris Stowe State University - St. Louis -
PICS - VIDEO            

- DTE Energy Music Amphitheater - Clarkston, MI
Project Revolution Tour - Multiple Stops - 2004
- Hart Plaza - Detroit

  > GM General Motors World Headquarters
  >> Detroit Electronic Music Festival - Movement
New Jersey
- Tweeter Center At The Waterfront - Camden, NJ
Project Revolution Tour - Multiple Stops
- USS NEW JERSEY Battleship 62 -  Camden/Delaware River
- PNC Bank Arts Center & Amphitheater - Holmdel, NJ
Project Revolution Tour - Multiple Stops
- Harrah’s Resort & Casino - 777 Harrah’s Blvd.  - Atlantic City
- Golden Nugget Casino - Haven Night Club - Atlantic City
- William G Mennen Sports Arena

  > 161 Hanover Ave. Morristown, NJ
- South Jersey Expo Center  - Palmyra, NJ
   > Local 13 Presents

- Sussex County Fairgrounds - 37 Plains Rd. - Augusta, NJ
Boy Scouts of America 100th - PICS
- Casino Skate Park - 701 Boardwalk, Asbury, NJ
   > Stuck on Earth Presents

     >> Boo 5 - Nintendo PS2 Release Party
- Asbury Park Convention Center - on the Waterfront Beach
   >  Sypmty Presents COUNTDOWN 8
- Studio Six -  19 S. Martin Luther King Atlantic City
- The Watering Hole - Mays Landing, NJ
- Delirium Night Club - Margate, NJ
- Extremes Roller Skating -  Chimney Rock Rd. - Bridgewater
   > Sympty Presents -  Countdown 4
- Down Under Restaurant - 10 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick
- New Palace Performing Arts Center - Maiden Ln. NJ
- Metropolis Nightclub - 1444 Rt. 73 - Pennsauken, NJ
- Stardust Nightclub - Wildwood, NJ
- Christines Nightclub - 2229 Atlantic Ave. - Atlantic City, NJ
- Club Bene - RT 35S + Old Spy Rd. - Sayreville, NJ
   > Sympty Presents - COUNTDOWN 12
   > Eden Collective Presents - Psychedelik Carnival
- Delaratos Nightclub - 1247 East Whitehorse Pike - Absecon
   > Deceptikon Presents - TranceForm Festival
- Woodbine Inn - 1444 RT 73 - Pensauken, NJ
- Mays Landing Farm - RAVEGEAR Presents - Earth Fest
- Collingswood Middle School -  Science of Grand Hank
- Camden County Boathouse - Cooper River - Merchantville NJ
- Trenton Country Club - 201 Sullivan Way - Trenton, NJ
- Stone Harbor  NJ  100th Centennial Celebration Kick Off
   >  The Reeds at Shelter Haven -
- 175th Anniversary of The Pennington School -
- Bergen Performing Arts Center - Englewood, NJ
   > Think Pink Floyd - 2014
PICS - 2015 PICS
- Levoy Theater - Millville, NJ - PICS
- Flying W Airport & Resort -  Medford, NJ
- OverPeck County Park - RidgeField Park, NJ
- Montammy Golf Club - Alpine, NJ
- Milton & Betty Katz JCC - Margate, NJ
- Six Flags Great Adventure & Amusement Park
   >  - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
- Mennen Sports Arena - Morristown, NJ
- PlayGround (Pier) - One Atlantic Ocean
- Atlantic City Carribean Carnival
- St. Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Church
- Goya Foods World Headquarters  - Secaucus, NJ
   > SuperBowl Weekend Illumination - 2014 -

North Carolina
- Robeson County Fairgrounds - Lumberton, NC
- Millenium Convention Center - Winston-Salem
   > Liquified + Hypersonic Present - Beyond Festival
- Ravens Croft High School - Falls Neuse Rd. - Raleigh, NC
- The Palace  - 117 W. Parrish St. - Durham, NC

New Hampshire
- Weirs Beach - LaconiaFest - VIDEO
- Laconia Motorcycle Week

New York State
- Jones Beach Amphitheater - Wantagh, NY - Long Island
Projekt Revolution Tour - Multiple Stops
- Darien Lake Amphitheater - Darien Center, NY
Project Revolution Tour - Multiple Stops
- Torches on Hudson Restaurant - Newburg, NY
- SC Columbus Catholic High School - 400 Craig St.
    - Schenectady - NY - Y2K Entertainment
- The Road Club - Newburgh, NY
- Digital Dream + Turnkey (Sweden) Present:
    - Massteknik Festival - Newburgh, NY
- Nightclub  - Binghamton, NY
- Bemus Point NY, BemusBay Pops Lake Chautauque
- Patchogue Theater for The Performing Arts - Long Island, NY
- Grand Royale Hotel - Binghampton, NY
- State Theater of New York - Ithaca, NY - PICS, VIDEO

New York City
- Madison Square Garden - 4 W. 31 St. NYC
- Inside The Brooklyn Bridge - Brooklyn Side NYC
   > Satellite Presents  - Voyager 2
- Randall's Island, Downing Stadium - Icahn Stadium - NYC
   > Park Rave Madness Presents - FANTASIA II
- The Brooklyn Armory -  NYC - 14th Regiment Armory
   >  Big Dipper + G.O. Presents  - April Foolz
- Roseland Ballroom - 239 W 52st btwn 8th Ave & Broadway
- Key Roller Skate Rink Dance Center - 220 E. 138th St. Bronx
- The Asphyxia Sports Dome
   > NYWO Presents -  EasterFest 2000
- A-Maze-N Roller Skates - Hammond Rd. Long Island NYC
- NYC Premier Sports Ent. Complex -  220 E. 138th St. Bronx
- The Globe Theater - 71 Wall St. NYC
- Limelight Nightclub - 6th Ave btwn 20th &21st St. NYC
- Tunnel Nightclub - 220 12th Ave btwn. 26th & 27th St.
- Sound Factory Nightclub - 1/17/99 - 11th & 12th Ave.
- Roxy Nightclub - 515 W. 18th St. NYC
- Shelter Nightclub - 157 Hudson St. NYC
- Lunatarium Nightclub - Brooklyn, NYC
- Mas car ave Nightclub - 530 W. 27th. St. NYC
- The Green Dolphin Nightclub - 95 N. Park Ave. NYC
- Planet 28 -  215 W. 28th St. btwn. 7th & 8th Ave. NYC
- The Bank Nightclub - 223 E. Houston St. & Essex. NYC
- Velvet Nightclub - 26th St. & 11th Ave. NYC
- Mecha Nightclub - 529 W. 21st St. btwn 10th & 11th Ave.
- Speed Night Club - 20 West 39th St. NYC
- Vinyl Nightclub - 6 Hubert St. NYC
- Wave Nightclub - Wave St. & Bay St. Staten Island, NYC
- Nightclub - 555 West 3rd St. btwn. 10th & 11th Aves. NYC
- Liquid Sky Record Store - 241 Lafayette St. NYC
- Hiro Ballroom - The Maritime Hotel. 363 West 16th St. NYC
- Tribeca Rooftop - 2 Debrosses St. NYC
- NYWO - 43rd Street and 1st Avenue NYC
- Santos Party House - Lafayette & Canal St. NYC
- Rockefeller Center, NBC World Headquarters, NYC - Pics
- PlayStation Theater, Viacom 1515 Broadway - Pics, Video
- Hulu Theater - Madison Square Garden, NYC -
Pics, Video

NBC 10 News: Disney "Finding Nemo" @ Franklin Sq - Wawa Welcome America
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classical music
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Laser Light Show Company - www.LaserLightShow.ORG - Rent Laser - Louis Capet XXVI | Laser Shows | Music Publisher | Record Label | Event Producer - One of the longest operating "Laser Show" + EDM Entertainment Companies in America. Leader in Entertainment.
Classical Music Synthesized

  • Project Revolution US Tour  - We toured with Ghostface Killah on Linkin Park's 2004 Projekt Revolution Tour 7 times, that featured: Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Korn, and many other bands. We projected the first ever cell phone mass text messaging to send and receive mass bulk SMS text messages which is widely used in advertising today.  In our first seven case studies, we received & sent about an average of 3,750 interactive cell phone text messages each time with a crowd of 35,000 guests. We were able to do polling, multiple choice questions, and calculate totals in real time.  This is what we did on the tour with the lasers.  No "Laser Show." The below photograph is 3 real photographs combined, and was taken at Darien Lake Amphitheater - Darien Center, NY in the summer of 2004.

NFL Post Game TV Show
Louis Capet edm Music Publishing on Beatport
6abc Action News Disney Frozen and Laser Show
Louis Capet XXVI | Laser Shows | Music Publisher | Record Label | Event Producer - One of the longest operating "Laser Show" + EDM Entertainment Companies in America. Leader in Entertainment.
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Our partners located in all corners of the globe lead to the many advances in laser technology, techniques, unique laser products, & event services that we have available to offer you today. With a long list of prestigious clients, we pride our self on delivering a quality product when time and budget are the main factor. ​

Times West Virginia     (Front Page)
Think Pink Floyd... Palatine Park said, “It was just so spectacular the crowd was yelling ‘bring them back’ before the end of the concert.”  And that’s what we did. “We had to get a no-fly zone over Fairmont,” he said. “The lasers are going to be going 38,000 feet in the air.”