P.A.W.N. Limited Liability Corporation - 2038 Grant Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19115 - (215) 888-8080 - MF@LaserLightShow.ORG
P.A.W.N. Recordings
3D Laser Billboards + Projection Advertising

P.A.W.N. Lasers is near one of the first 5 or so laser light show companies started and made in the USA, since 1988.  Over 25 years of entertainment & laser show experience, our partners located in all corners of the globe lead to the many advances in laser technology, techniques, unique laser products, & event services that we have available to offer you today. With a long list of prestigious clients, we pride our self on delivering a quality product when time and budget are the main factor.

P.A.W.N. is also a Festival Producer & Music Publisher credited with introducing EDM - Electronic Dance Music to the United States after Frankie Bones's Storm events in NYC & after the NASA events by DJ Scotto in NYC (Producer of Ravestock ® "Festival in Festival" at Woodstock 94 NY.)  P.A.W.N. produced their 1st  EDM Festival in PA in 1993 on the slopes at Blue Mountain Ski Resort; and their most recent, 3D-EDM in 2012 at Citizen's Bank Ball Park Stadium Parking Lot, home of Philadelphia Phillies MLB Baseball.

P.A.W.N. events have showcased international talent such as the 1st World of Drum Bass US Tour, DJ SS (UK), Bryan Gee (UK), Doc Martin, Dubtribe Sound System (San Francisco), Josh Wink, Robbie Tronco, The Crystal Method (Las Vegas), Astral Matrix, DJ Keoki, DJ Scotto (Woodstock 94
), MC Skibadee (UK), MC Foxy (UK), MC TC Izlam (Zulu Nation, HipStep Massive), Junior Vasquez, DJ DB, Karl K (Need For Speed 2 PS2), MC Dub 2 (MC Dub II), and many more.

Circa 1999-2001, P.A.W.N. Recordings  was distributing tape & vinyl internationally by Unique Records Distribution (UK), Balance Record Pool, Untranslatable Concepts, and 360. Billboard Magazine (Liam Kennedy) charted P.A.W.N. #13 in the Dance Charts circa 2001. Additionally, P.A.W.N. produced the percussion, drums, and bass on an Akai MPC2000 with Shaggy in Philadelphia that were used on songs for his album "Hotshot", which reached Diamond worldwide (10,000,000+) and Platinum 6 times (6,000,000+) in the United States. The album also won best-selling album at the 2002 Juno Awards
and was Billboard 200 charts number one #1 Album 2/17/01 to  4/13/01.

P.A.W.N. has performed on many  tours and the largest festivals across the USA such as Ultra Music Festival (3 times), Detroit Electronic Music Festival (3 Times), Snoop Dogg with Linken Park, Jay Z , and Ghostface Killah on the 2004 Project Revolution US Tour where we projected the first ever cell phone mass text messaging to send and receive text messages which is widely used in advertising today.  Additionally,  Jay-Z's Made in America Festival, 100th Anniversary Boy Scouts of America, 100th Anniversary Borough of Stone Harbor NJ, 175th Anniversary of Pennington School NJ, Red Bull Product Launch at Rock n' Air,  Reebok And1 shoe Product Launch, Six Flags Great Adventure 2012, 2013, & 9/6/2014, Goya Foods 2014 Super Bowl Illumination
and many more.

P.A.W.N. has appeared on the TV shows MTV Amp, MTV News, WWE World Wrestling Entertainment (Pay Per View), Who's Wedding is it Anyway? (Style Network), Hack (David Morse), Girls Gone Wild (Phila), Josh Wink "516 Acid" music video, Chanel 6 News 2013 & 2014, and also regular appearances on The Science of Philadelphia, and The Science Lab of Grand Hank.

 Licensed by the FAA, FDA, & New York State
P.A.W.N. in Cost Rica DJ'ing
+ LASERS for the Grand Opening of Lake Arenal Hotel.
FEB 2014:   Natural fog lays every night over the lake which makes the lasers look much brighter.  Lake Arenal is Costa Rica's largest landlocked body of water, with a surface that covers nearly  (85 square km) 33 square miles.



New York City + New Jersey
Feb 21, 2015
       THINK PINK FLOYD      
TICKETS:     Ticketmaster - Live Nation

NJ + NYC near GW Bridge at:

   Bergen Performing Arts Center
   30 North Van Brunt St.
   Englewood, NJ  07631


Outdoor Lasers by P.A.W.N.
The Royal Worthington Grand Opening
O'Neil Properties -  Malvern, PA 10/30/2014

Goya Foods - 2014 Super Bowl Weekend Illumination
Jersey City, NJ - Secaucus Train Station.
Visible by train and three highways.
Lasers by PAWN - Jan 31, Feb 1, & Feb 2, 2014
HD VIDEO:  (45:16)  3 days  http://youtu.be/MkMYI-c3sCY
HD VIDEO:  (00:41)  Short 1 http://youtu.be/b9bEXbIx6k0
HD VIDEO:  (00:39)  Short 2  http://youtu.be/uq1jsT85XE0


Super Mash Bros (LA,CA), Disco Lemonade (Boston, MA),
 and  P.A.W.N. LASER

Bethlehem, PA.   Nov. 17, 2013
HD VIDEO: (09:57) "V2 REMIX" http://youtu.be/J_phVrI-azs
HD VIDEO: (25:24) (UNCUT) http://youtu.be/HLvohVisGxw


Krewella (Chicago, IL) and  P.A.W.N. LASERS
Bethlehem, PA.   Nov. 4, 2012
HD VIDEO:  (01:39)  http://youtu.be/CW2abzJ5rOE

Jay Z, Busta Rhymes & Flip Mode Squad,
Ja Rule, Ashanti, Beanie Sigel, Freeway

Power House Concert with P.A.W.N. LASERS

Largest Hip Hop Concert in the USA that year.
VIDEO: (1:31:16)  http://youtu.be/171n5CPYx_g

2000, 2002, 2004 Ultra Music Festival - Miami, FL.
Largest Festival in the USA those years and currently.
This video was  P.A.W.N. LASERS  3rd time providing lasers
at Ultra Music Festival, the annual outdoor electronic
music festival coinciding with the  Winter Music Conference. 
VIDEO:  (03:00:00) 3 hours  "Ultra 2004"   http://youtu.be/IZzYeMDmpN4

Jay Z's Budweiser Made in America Festival  2012
This was P.A.W.N. LASERS  11th time performing with Def Jam.
VIDEO: (00:25)  http://youtu.be/fdpEmfLpYL0
VIDEO: (00:44) http://youtu.be/JcIQaLBj89Q

The Kimmel Center for Performing Arts
Home of the Philadelphia Orchestra
Laser show by  P.A.W.N.
3,500 seats.  June  2013
HD VIDEO:  (07:58)  http://youtu.be/D_9R5jkI4Sk

Trap Music - Brillz (LA), Flosstradamus (Chicago)

P.A.W.N. LASERS 4/24/2014   in ArtsQuest at SteelStacks
Bethleham PA , Bethleham Steel Corp.  founded  1857
HD VIDEO:  (50:15)  http://youtu.be/dAov_dEWr_8

 Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ. (near NYC)
2012, 2013, and Saturday Sept 6 2014
Tickets:  www.GaySixFlags.com

The Piazza at Schmidt's, Phila, PA
New Years Eve 2012/13 and 2013/14
Steam Roller Picnic  and  P.A.W.N LASERS
80 x 200 Tent - Attendance:  4,000
HD VIDEO:  (00:58)  http://youtu.be/Ach_5S6u-E8

DJ Alesso  and  P.A.W.N. LASERS
at the National Guard Armory

Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Feb. 17, 2012 -  Attendance:  6,000

WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment
Attendance:  35,000
114 million U.S. television households.
VIDEO:  (02:01)  http://youtu.be/Fi4GYSzNm8w

Disney Frozen
Outdoor Movie on a P.A.W.N. Theater

Produced by:  Wawa Welcome America, & the City of Philadelphia, PA.
 4th of July 10 day Celebration
Franklin Square, Phila, PA. Attendance:  6,000+
Production by Synergetic Sound + Lights: www.synergeticsounds.com
Movie  Theater Air Screen by  P.A.W.N. LASERS


  Philadelphia Museum of Art
P.A.W.N.  36 FT  Outdoor Movie Theater
on the same steps where the movie was filmed. 
2012, 2103, & 2014 -   36 Feet (L)  x  24 Feet (H)
Produced by:  Wawa Welcome America, & the City of Philadelphia, PA.
 4th of July 10 day Celebration
  Attendance:  2600+
Production by Synergetic Sound + Lights: www.synergeticsounds.com
Movie  Theater Air Screen by  P.A.W.N. LASERS
HD VIDEO:  (01:07)  http://youtu.be/KFWl39x-yU0

Event Marketing + Laser Projection Advertising
  Laser Billboard Advertising

Logo, Photograph, or Video with LASERS

Walls, Arena Ceilings, Trade Show Booths, Mountain sides, sky-scrappers, Corporate Meetings, Concerts, Grand Openings, Conferences, Award Ceremonies, and even onto the surface of the Clouds in the Sky by P.A.W.N. LASERS.
VIDEO:  (3:02)  http://youtu.be/xDpAmE3SSY8

Demi Lovato  and  P.A.W.N. LASERS
VIDEO:  (04:02)  "UNBROKEN" http://youtu.be/FQ-vqGnTKk8

Cobra Starship  and  P.A.W.N. LASERS
VIDEO:  (01:21)  "HOT MESS"  http://youtu.be/nGPG7nDuew0
VIDEO:  (03:28)  "#1 NIGHT (ONE NIGHT)"  http://youtu.be/yqOIgiqY0i4
VIDEO:  (04:46)   "YOU MAKE ME FEEL"  http://youtu.be/saU8-34zr1I

BTR - Big Time Rush  and  P.A.W.N. LASERS
VIDEO:  (01:24)  "MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH YOU" http://youtu.be/F4jKxicyFV8

Avril Lavigne  and  P.A.W.N. LASERS
VIDEO: (04:46) "COMPLICATED" http://youtu.be/1FDE-N1G110
VIDEO: (03:05) "WISH YOU WERE HERE" http://youtu.be/HqO7GO3cA7k
VIDEO: (00:34) "WISH YOU WERE HERE" #2 http://youtu.be/8P01HN5HWUA

 3D EDM + Drive-in Movie + Concert
Citizen's Bank Ball Park Stadium Parking Lot

Produced by  P.A.W.N. LASERS  May 25, 2012
and also Holiday Inn Hotel Parking Lot, Lawn, & Swimming Pool.

LASER DIGITAL 3D® - FREE SPACE HOLOGRAPHY® by P.A.W.N. - the only Movie Theater in the World with LASER Digital 3D technology. See REAL 3D holograms made with LASERS. You will be able to touch & walk around the holograms. No 3D Glasses needed.
Projecting on to sky-scrappers, mountain sides, and the surface of the clouds... greater then any Motion Picture Cinema Projector in theaters or at events today

HD VIDEO:  (May 25, 2012) COMING SOON

VIDEO: (09:56)  http://youtu.be/TxoyMJe69xA

 P.A.W.N. Movie Theater
Produced by:  Wawa Welcome America, & the City of Philadelphia, PA.
 4th of July 10 day Celebration
36 Feet (L)  x  24 Feet (H) -  Attendance:  2600+
Production by Synergetic Sound + Lights: www.synergeticsounds.com
Movie  Theater Air Screen by  P.A.W.N. LASERS
HD VIDEO: (01:07) http://youtu.be/KFWl39x-yU0

High Speed Laser Scanning by P.A.W.N. LASERS

 "The Science Lab of Grand Hank"
  "The Science of Philadelphia"
TV Show + Tour
School District of Philadelphia
HD VIDEO:  (00:41) 12/2013  "CHANNEL 6 ACTION NEWS"  http://youtu.be/osIREGhvb9M
HD VIDEO:  (09:41) 12/2013 (P.A.W.N. RECORDING) http://youtu.be/FM70FoNYGc0
VIDEO: (29:34) Episode 8,1999 "P.A.W.N. LASERS" http://youtu.be/IgMnq5UxylQ


100th Anniversary Boy Scouts of America
Sussex County Fairgrounds NJ.  September, 2009
FAA Laser show, Two 36 FT outdoor Movie Theaters, Production by P.A.W.N.
New York City Area - Attendance: 6,000

Abstracts by  P.A.W.N. LASERS

Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial

Delaware River, Camden, NJ
FAA outdoor OPEN-AIR Laser show by P.A.W.N.

Stone Harbor, NJ 100th Centennial Celebration Kick-Off 1914-2014
P.A.W.N. Lasers at The Reeds at Shelter Haven,  Stone Harbor, NJ 08247
December 28, 2013
HD VIDEO:  (45:00)  http://youtu.be/PuNpkpaGaWs


City Hall Philadelphia - Grand Opening Renovation 2014 Dilworth Park + Train Staition Entrances

Produced by:   www.CCDPARKS.org
Production by Synergetic Sound + Lights: www.synergeticsounds.com
Movie  Theater by  P.A.W.N. LASERS

Shelborne Hotel South Beach Miami
P.A.W.N. LASERS - Pool Display
1801 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Florida

VIDEO:  (14:49)  2004  http://youtu.be/OL4lHitAyCg

Post - Game Phillies Concert w/ DJ Markus Schulz
Citizen's Bank Park Stadium
Laser Show by P.A.W.N. LASERS
Philadelphia, PA.  May 23, 2014

GM Headquarters - Hart Plaza - Detroit 
Detroit Electronic Music Festival, D.E.M.F.

Movement  3 day Electronic Music Festival
2004 Laser show by P.A.W.N.  Attendance:  150,000 a day
VIDEO: (01:02:30) (PART 1) http://youtu.be/b_9TQbm08XU
VIDEO: (35:25) (PART 2) http://youtu.be/Cf-2rYBb_ho
VIDEO: (33:25) (PART 3) http://youtu.be/-p1niYe9-0Q
VIDEO: (01:02:09) (PART 4) http://youtu.be/2YokdJiwlhc


P.A.W.N. on Past Concert Advertisements

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