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THIS WEEK - February 25

Binghamton New York:

 King LASER  is one of the longest running Laser Light Show companies in the USA, computer controlled and manufacturing projectors resembling outdoor firework displays.  We are Licensed by the FDA  and  FAA,  &  are insured for over 5 million dollars.  Additionally, we have the New York State Dept of Labor Radiation Division Laser Operators License, which is one of the 3 States in the USA that requires individual State Licensing for Laser Light Shows.

King Recordings   is representing: 42 week Billboard Charted DJ Robbie Tronco, Victor Andrews, Kreefer, DJ Toto (Los Angeles, California), DStAR, Down JonesThink Pink Floyd, Billy Martin, Mat Falcon+ his  Johann Sebastian Bach Synthesized Remixes, EDIDUS  (Psy Trance), Vibe-X Golan (PsyTrance, Israel), Rezenber (Psy Trance, Phoenix, Arizona), Technozelda (psy-trance), and many more for  publishing. 

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